What Will You Do with the Extra Time?

I’m an early riser – I always have been. I love waking up early, getting a workout in, and not rushing through my morning routine.

Even amidst the craziness that is Coronavirus, I still enjoy getting up early and keeping some semblance of a routine. I’m much more efficient if I have some time to myself, instead of rolling out of bed and logging on!

I’ve heard the rumblings from those who aren’t naturally early risers. Many don’t see the benefit of getting up early. If that’s you, I’d like to challenge you with this math –

Let’s say you currently get up at 7am every morning. By waking up at 5am you get an extra 2 hours each day. That’s 14 extra hours a week, totaling 728 hours in a year. That translates to 30 days!

That’s a whole extra month to get a jump start.

30 days to learn something new, to work toward a goal, or get a head start on your competition.

And maybe you won’t stick to two hours each day, but any time is extra time! 15 minutes each day adds up too.

Next time your alarm clock is blaring – think about what you could accomplish with the extra time if you don’t hit snooze.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Molly: Molly Hallman is our Engagement & Experience Coordinator, helping the marketing team with all things writing related, websites, social media, and events. When she’s not telling the Advoco story, she’s spending time with her dogs and her husband in pursuit of Greenville’s best hot dog (current favorite: the mac and cheese dog from the Greenville Drive Stadium.) Got a question for Molly? Send her an email!

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