The Now Normal

If you’ve read any of my other a-Minutes, you know that I love Seth Godin’s daily blogs and emails. If you aren’t signed up, I highly recommend it. Getting the daily inspiration in your inbox is a great way to start your morning!

One of the blogs Seth recently shared was called “A New Normal”:

Time travelers should prepare for tough sledding. If you went back to 1820 or even 1920, all the sudden changes would discombobulate you. And the same is true for someone who came forward to today.

We’ve got a deep-seated desire for things to go back to normal, the way we were used to.

But this, this moment of ours is now normal.

For now.

And then, there will be another normal.

There is no “the new normal”. Because that’s definitive.

There’s simply the normal of now.

A new normal. This too shall pass.

In the crazy world we’re living in, what sage advice this is! The normal of now feels different, but one day, it’s the normal we’ll long for.

So, for now, let’s enjoy the now normal.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Michele: Michele Page serves as Advoco’s Education Architect. She facilitates our internal training as well as client specific training initiatives. With nearly 20 years of EAM experience, Michele’s knowledge spans across multiple industries, covering all facets of Infor EAM. When Michele isn’t training users on the latest and greatest Infor EAM tools, she’s at her cabin in the countryside, riding her four-wheeler. Have a question? Send Michele an email!

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