The Legs Feed the Wolf

Herb Brooks coached the 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team. This was the team that overcame the odds to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Soviet Union team before eventually bringing home the gold medal. It’s the story told by the movie Miracle on Ice.

At the time, Brooks had a saying, “The legs feed the wolf.”

The premise behind Coach Brooks’ quote stems from the nature of how wolves hunt. Wolves need to have the strength to be able to stalk and chase their prey if they want to eat and survive. The stronger your legs are – the stronger and better conditioned your entire body will be.

Coach Brooks knew his team wouldn’t be the most talented team at the Olympics, but he promised they’d be the best conditioned team. He knew that his team would have to work harder than they had ever worked in their entire lives if they wanted to have a chance against the Soviet Union.

For Team USA, this meant lots and lots of conditioning drills that would push them past the point of exhaustion. They were getting their legs, and bodies, ready to do the work.

For people like us, this means that we must put in the time and effort every single day if we want to accomplish our goals. We’re getting ourselves ready to do the work.

It won’t be easy. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. But if you work harder than your competition, and if you don’t cut corners, then you will have the strength to succeed.

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