Noodle over that Feedback

Seth Godin is one of my favorite leadership bloggers and podcasters. If you aren’t getting his daily emails in your inbox, I highly recommend them. They’re a great way to start the day!

Recently, Seth shared a post about feedback.

Does that word make your cringe? For many of us, feedback doesn’t give us a great feeling. When we hear that a peer, or worse yet, our boss, wants to give us feedback, it might make us feel nervous or anxious.

The word feedback has taken on a negative connotation, even though it’s a positive word! It’s a word used by someone who wants to help us get better and do better.

So, aside from reclaiming the word feedback, Seth suggests that we ask for advice. As Seth explains, “If you ask someone else for advice, you’re engaging them in your journey.”

But even better than feedback, or advice, is noodling. When someone takes the time to noodle over our idea or project, it loses the harshness of advice. Maybe it’s because it’s a silly word that makes us smile, but it doesn’t strike the same worrisome cord as feedback.

Next time you’re asked for advice, or you’re looking for some feedback, try noodling it over!

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Michele: Michele Page serves as Advoco’s Education Architect. She facilitates our internal training as well as client specific training initiatives. With nearly 20 years of EAM experience, Michele’s knowledge spans across multiple industries, covering all facets of Infor EAM. When Michele isn’t training users on the latest and greatest Infor EAM tools, she’s at her cabin in the countryside, riding her four-wheeler. Have a question? Send Michele an email!

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