No One Knows What They're Doing

Growing up I sincerely believed that the “world” knew what they were doing. Teachers knew the answer to every math problem, bus drivers knew the route to every house, business owners knew how to run a business.

This belief slowly crumbled once I started to enter the “real world.” After working a few different jobs, I realized that no one knows what they’re doing. No one actually knows the best way to run a business or the best route to every home (even Google still messes that one up!)

This shouldn’t be a shock because we all know we are making it up as we go, so why aren’t we trying the things we absolutely don’t know how to do?

Are we scared that someone will call us out on our bluff and say, “You clearly don’t know what you’re doing”? Then just don’t bluff. From the start let people know that you’ve never done this before. Chances are you will meet some people who are relieved that someone else is as clueless as they are and together you will learn, or you will be pointed in the direction of an expert who can give you advice.

If the dreaded does happen and someone says “You’re an idiot. You shouldn’t be allowed to do this,” don’t let that person slow your roll! Take their feedback and move on, haters gonna hate. Remember your co-workers or friends who are cheering you on and be proud that you are learning something new!

No one knows what they’re doing, so it’s ok you don’t know it all either!

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Irene: Irene Siemen is a Solutions Architect at Advoco. She is a graduate of Clemson University where she got her Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering. When Irene isn’t helping clients achieve EAM success, you can find her outside – hiking, biking, and camping! Have a question for Irene? Send her an email.

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