Expect Success

My mom passed away relatively young. She was 58 years old. During her life, she was a fun loving, hard working woman. There wasn’t a tractor she didn’t ride or couldn’t fix. The roof was leaking? No worries, you could find her up on the roof fixing that too. She was a woman of many talents.

Many years ago, a roommate of mine golfed with my mom every Monday in a local league. There was one hole on the course that had a water hazard right in the middle of the approach to the green.

Every single week, without fail, my mom would walk up to the tee, look at the water and grouse, “Dang that water, I’m going to hit it.”

Heck, she even prepared herself to fail! She would pull an old ratty ball out of her bag, because heaven knows she wasn’t going to lose a good ball.

My friend would coach her, “Donna, think about how to go around it, or come up in front of it, not how you are going to go in it.” My mom would just shake her head in frustration, prepare for the shot and, into the water it would go. Every week. And then I would hear about it every Monday evening when I got home.

My mom was quite possibly the most positive, upbeat person I’ve ever known. But in this one situation, she just couldn’t envision anything but that ball going in the water. She was setting herself up for failure because she was expecting it before she even started.

When we expect failure, subconsciously we drive towards that failure.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We need to expect success. When we see a challenge as an opportunity to create success, we drive towards and achieve that result.

So, where are you expecting failure? Is there a project or relationship where you are setting yourself up to not meet your goal because you’re expecting to fail? Flip the script and expect success instead!

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Sherry: Sherry Spaulding is the VP of Northeast Delivery for Advoco. Leading the team in Syracuse, Sherry is passionate about delivering clients with the best Enterprise Asset Management solutions available. Sherry has dedicated her career to developing management solutions around Maintenance, Work, Inventory, and Purchasing Management and applying Infor EAM to drive best appropriate practices. Starting as a user in private industry, her experience runs the gamut from fleet management and public sector through to manufacturing. If you have a question for Sherry, please send her an email at

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