Count Your Sprinkles

Besides hotdogs, my second greatest culinary passion is ice cream. I don’t think there’s a scoop I’ve met that I haven’t loved. One of my first jobs was at an ice cream shop in my hometown called Penguin Ice Cream. Here’s a tip for the ice cream fans out there – to achieve the perfect scoop, wet your scoop with room temperature water. This keeps ice cream from sticking to the spoon and lets the instrument glide through the ice cream.

But this a-Minute isn’t about why I love ice cream or sharing some pro-tips with you…although I could probably write one on that. Instead, it’s about a quote…about ice cream.

Don’t let your ice cream melt while you’re counting someone else’s sprinkles.

The quote is attributed to Akilah Hughes, a writer, comedian, podcaster and actress. I don’t know much about Hughes, but I do know this quote is spot on.

I know I fall into this trap all the time. We spend more time obsessing over what others have and what we don’t, that we miss everything we do have. Our perceptions of what we’re owed, and the unfairness of the situations we’re in, overshadows everything else.

One of the biggest areas of this is, surprise, social media. If comparison is the thief of all joy, Instagram is where that thief sources his next score. It’s hard to not scroll through your feed and compare yourself to everything you see. This person on a great trip, that person with the perfect partner, this person with the beautiful home. How could we not compare to the things we’re scrolling through.

Outside of the normal soapbox of “what you see on social media is not reality,” there is the fact that you are in charge of your feeds! We control what we see in our feed.

When you find yourself starting to compare hit that unfollow button! A healthy cleanse of our social media feeds can do wonders when we start finding ourselves drawing comparisons. Try focusing on following accounts that make you feel happy, or teach you something new.

So, serve yourself another scoop and add extra sprinkles – you deserve it! Just don’t spend your time counting your neighbors sprinkles while your ice cream melts.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Molly: Molly Hallman is our Engagement & Experience Coordinator, helping the marketing team with all things writing related, websites, social media, and events. When she’s not telling the Advoco story, she’s spending time with her dogs and her husband in pursuit of Greenville’s best hot dog (current favorite: the mac and cheese dog from the Greenville Drive Stadium.) Got a question for Molly? Send her an email!

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