Christmas with the Advoco EAM Elves

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is gearing up for his big night! Did you know that he uses Infor EAM to help him prepare for Christmas?

The Advoco Infor EAM elves spend all year working with Santa to help him configure his system so he can have maximum efficiencies and cost savings for his busiest night of the year – December 24th!

Santa has been using EAM this past year to ensure his fleet of reindeer is fed on a consistent, regular schedule to ensure reliable operations on the big day.

When it comes to making toys, Santa has his entire Location, Position, System, Store, and Parts setup in Infor EAM for his manufacturing facilities. He uses Work Order Scheduling to make sure the elves are fully scheduled in a way that maximizes their efficiency by crew and shift. The elves use generated requisitions to order parts so they can keep up with this year’s hottest toys. They also use the EAM Call Center functionality to keep up with all the wish lists that Santa receives. This year, the Advoco elves even set Santa up with an integration to Amazon and Newegg so he doesn’t miss a single list!

The elves use Material Lists so they know what parts they’ll need to complete their work and make their presents for all the boys and girls. The elves track delivery of necessary parts for toy making through Invoicing and Purchase Orders and Work Orders are utilized for the creation of toys. Santa also uses the Employees record for tracking work done by elves and how long it took them. This gives Santa great visibility into the elves’ work. If they’re slacking off at toy making, elves get moved to the reindeer stalls!

The biggest change this year for Santa and his team was the shift to Field Work Mobile from Transit Mobile. The North Pole has historically been using Transit to allow the elves to keep Santa updated when away from their desktop. Now, with Field Work, they can complete work around the North Pole and close out gift giving Work Orders while on the go, and check their Checklists twice!

And we can’t forget about the Naughty and Nice List! Santa uses a custom Cognos report in EAM for the Naughty List so he can track tends on how people are improving or getting naughtier over the years.

When it’s time for the big ride, Santa knows his sleigh will be in tip-top condition because he uses PM functionality. Not to mention he still needs to meet FAA standards – he can’t be dropping bolts while flying around the globe! So, Santa enters industry standard VMRS codes on his activities so he can report on failure trends once he returns back to the North Pole.

On Christmas Eve when Santa hitches his reindeer up and gets ready for his flight, he uses Operator Checklists for his pre-flight inspections. The sleigh uses Meter Readings and Meter Based PMs to track and keep up with his world-wide trip. The sleigh also uses GIS to help Santa make sure he is delivering the presents to the right houses. GIS also gives Santa visibility into a distribution of Naughty and Nice girls and boys across the world.

Without Infor EAM and the Advoco elves, Santa would have a very tough job. We’re glad to help him deliver toys to boys and girls in all corners of the globe. And we can’t wait to help him upgrade to V 11.6 when he gets back to the North Pole after his Christmas trip! Maybe 2021 will be the year he finally migrates to the cloud…

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