Be What You Don't See

On National Women’s Day, I was watching an interview with the highest-ranking female in the American Military, General Lori Robinson. During the interview, the discussion turned to how she felt she impacted other women. Her answer got my attention. Basically, she started by explaining how hard it was when she first started. She said that trainers and leaders told her what she needed to do and be. But, in the end, it was hard to be what she couldn’t see.

That got me really thinking. Imagine: there she was, a female surrounded by men telling her to do her best, be a leader, be the best, go for it. But yet, there she stood with no applicable examples to look up to.

My first reaction was, wow, how sad and lonely. But then I thought, but wait, she didn’t give into that isolation. She kept pushing and in the end was highly decorated for her dedication and work.

It’s true that she didn’t see anyone that “looked like she wanted to be.” So, what did she do? She became what she wanted to see.

The lesson here is two-part. First, what you do each day is setting an example for those who come after you. And second, the example you set is entirely up to you.

I challenge you to reflect every evening and ask yourself: Are my actions truly reflective of what I want others to see?

If you are in your seat today, you can naturally assume that someone will be coming along after you. A new hire is always on the way. As soon as you take on the job, role, or project, you are setting an example. Ask yourself: are you setting the right example, the one you want others to see and thus be?

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

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