Seize the Day

After graduating from college, I lived in Scandinavia for a year. I was young, carefree, and aspired to make the most of each day.

When I was unexpectedly granted a week off from work, I searched the budget airlines for my next travel destination. Soon thereafter I was booked on a flight to Malta. What could be better than a week in the Mediterranean, right?

After far too little research, I decided to stay on the island of Gozo where I could visit the Blue Lagoon, Azure Window, Salt Pans, and Xlendi Beach.

When I landed on the island of Malta, I took a public bus to a ferry, then another bus to my bed and breakfast. I quickly learned that I had made a huge mistake.

Not only was I a young, solo traveler (without a working cell phone!), but I was staying in a small town outside the peak travel season. I immediately became a target and soon recognized how vulnerable I was. The fear and constant need to be alert inhibited my ability to experience the beauty and uniqueness of the island.

While I was spontaneous and seized the opportunity to visit Gozo, I went about it carelessly. We are not always protected from the ways of the world and need to put some forethought into our decisions.

In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams’ character says: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” While I encourage us all to seize the day and live extraordinary lives…let’s be smart about it at the same time.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Rebecca: Rebecca Shoffstall is a Solutions Consultant at Advoco focused primarily on education surrounding Infor EAM. She develops Infor EAM training resources, including content for the Connect Education Network, and delivers both internal and external training. With nearly ten years of experience guiding customers through the software implementation process, Rebecca enjoys helping users overcome barriers in order to maximize use of their software. Have a question for Rebecca? Send her an email!


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