Which Way Are You Stepping?

How many times have you heard the question, “What’s the next step?”

When working on a new project your answer, more importantly your action, is all about leadership.

A leader steps up when a project kicks off. This is what leaders do: they love to get in the arena.

During project execution, a leader steps aside, recognizing each team members' subject matter expertise and supports that team member’s role in creating project success.

And finally, after a project is successfully delivered, a leader steps back. Project success is never the result of a single team member; although often the project leader is the one recognized. Leaders step back and know teamwork makes the dream work.

Leaders, which way are you stepping?

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About James: James serves as Advoco’s Maintenance Improvement Practice Lead. His career has been dedicated to Reliable Plant Operations Performance, with experience ranging from “mega projects on a global scale” with Fluor Corporation to owning and operating a South Carolina-based plant services company. Known affectionately in the office by his childhood nickname Jimbo, he is passionate about restoring the value and pride in American Manufacturing through our Reliable Operation Initiative (ROI) and PRIDE in Maintenance implementation approach. He’s also known for dropping “idea bombs” – his way of challenging others to think differently in order to solve problems. If you have a question for James or Jimbo (he answers to both!), send him an email.


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