What’s Your Personality Profile

At Advoco, we take a DISC profile test when we’re hired, which assesses various aspects of our personality. We proudly display the results on our desks, and it helps us to communicate with each other effectively.

There are many personality assessments available from a variety of sources. While they should be taken with a grain of salt, the idea behind them is important. We each have unique ways of doing things and thinking about things. Understanding how you receive information and how others want to receive information is critical, especially in the workplace.

Miscommunications can slow us down and make our jobs more difficult, and they can also hurt our personal relationships if we are not careful.

Maybe you thought your brief interaction was short and sweet and got the task across clearly. Maybe the person you were talking to thought you were being too blunt.

We can’t all be lucky enough to have our personality profiles displayed around our necks all day, but striving to understand is important. Mostly, to understand ourselves. How do you want people to communicate with you? What styles of interaction are good or bad for you? If you can find this out, you can share that information with those around you and make life run a little smoother.

I have experienced the benefits from knowing this information about myself and about others first hand.

Anyone that glances at my DISC profile knows that I crave some structure in my life but also like the chance to problem-solve creatively. That means that when people share a new project with me, they give me the big picture and the end goals but let me find my own way there. That’s the best way for me to be happy and productive in the workplace.

Don’t lock yourself into a personality profile. Everyone is unique and can never be 100% profiled with algorithms. However, I challenge you to look around and see what information you can find that might help you understand some aspects of your personality a little better.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Amanda: Amanda Rickert is a Solutions Consultant Co-Op at Advoco. She works with the Post Implementation team to help customers make the most of their day-to-day EAM use. She has recently been focused on a Business Intelligence software, Birst, which presents data analytics to help customers make informed decisions. Amanda is still learning as a student at Clemson University in Industrial Engineering and applying her studies to her job here at Advoco. She loves working with customers and solving problems to help make someone’s day a little easier!Send her an email!


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