Stress is a Credit Card for Energy

In Big Potential, author Shawn Achor uses an analogy about stress. He says that, “Stress is a credit card for energy; you’re going to pay it back, but with interest.”

In some instances, stress can be a positive thing to be leveraged. However, if you are stressed out about work, family, or life in general, it’s important to know how to manage that stress.

Achor goes on to explain that the extension of the credit card metaphor is that “mindfulness is a credit card for resilience.” The more you spend on mindfulness, the more rewards you get.

When it comes to avoiding stress and being more mindful, Achor offers the following advice:

  • Create a mental stronghold of positivity

  • Take a minute to reflect on the positive things in your life. Instead of following stress down an endless path, pull yourself out and think about something that makes you happy. It could be your children, a vacation you just took (or plan to take), or your favorite accomplishment. Like a vaccine against illness, you will be fortified against the stress.

  • Slow down to speed up

  • Sometimes you have to be inefficient to become efficient. During the rush of the work day, when you are particularly harried, take a few minutes to breath. Get up and take a walk around the building, meditate, do something to center yourself. Much like your mental stronghold of positivity, it does not take long to see the benefits.

  • Chase meaning

  • Stress used in a negative way can sap your energy, but if you are able to channel your stress in a positive way it can fuel you. Remind yourself of why you are doing something to frame it positively. Long hours required for a project? Think of the benefit you will be providing your customer. Don’t feel like working out? Think of how good you will feel when you are done!

Don’t rack up debt on your energy credit card, get rewards points on your mindfulness card!

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About Colin: Colin Whitney is a Solutions Architect with Advoco and looks forward to helping others achieve their EAM goals. He is a graduate of both the University of Iowa and the University of Georgia. When he is not working he enjoys getting outside and watching college football. Questions? Send Colin an email!


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