Insights from a 100 Year Old

I recently read this article, and it was something I knew I should share as an a-Minute.

The article highlights people that are 100 years old and are still active. The people written about in this article were still running and even teaching yoga.

Orville Rogers is a 100-year-old World War II veteran and regularly runs track races. He is one of the subjects of the article, and there is a great quote from him:

Some people think I run because I can, but that’s backward. I can because I do.

We are able to stay active because we stay active. That means stay physically active, but it also means stay mentally active as well.

Keep working, keep learning, keep trying new things.

To quote Tom Petty’s song Mary Jane’s Last Dance:

Well I don't know what I've been told You never slow down, you never grow old.

So, don’t get old, physically or mentally. Realize that when you “do” now, it makes you more able to “do” in the future too.

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Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Craig: Craig Page is a self-proclaimed “data geek” with nearly 20 years of EAM/maintenance consulting experience. His favorite work is data migrations. He enjoys solving the puzzle to make the data fit and keep the integrity of the information. When Craig isn’t in front of a computer, he is probably running a chainsaw or a tractor. Have a question for Craig? Send him an email!


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