The Power of Connected

As a mere challenge to myself, I try not to reach for my phone as soon as the plane lands or when I open my eyes in the morning. But the struggle is real!

I would be willing to bet that you struggle with similar things – you’re waiting for a minute too long in line, what do you do? You get a little turned around when you’re walking around town, what do you do?

As much as I feel like I need a break from technology sometimes, let’s spin this around and talk about how great it is to be connected. And while I don’t always advocate for replacing face-to-face interactions, learning is one area where being connected online is very powerful.

You can instantly learn from experts in your field and from your supervisors and peers. How awesome is it to be able to learn new recipes and plan trips right at your fingertips?

My brother used to call smart phones “wizard boxes” when they first came out, and at the time it was kind of true – this new, mysterious, magical, and wonderful thing. Now they are all around us. Assuming you have a smart phone, you’re connected to the digital ecosystem.

In-person connections are still the most influential! I even wrote about it in a previous post. But due to limited time and money, we have to look at other options for ourselves. Which is why we launched a new online training platform for EAM users, called the Connect Education Network. This platform will reinvent the way you learn Infor EAM.

There’s never been a better time than the present to grow as a professional, share your stories, and connect with other people in similar roles as you. It’s an amazing thing when you take a step back and really grasp how technology can help you do your job better from wherever you are in the world.

Imagine your new hire needs to quickly figure out how to create a PM, and instead of coming to you for answers, they go to their iPad, and voila – a short video teaching them how to do it! Now you can focus on the areas where you bring the most value. I challenge you to try it today.

I hope you don’t take for granted how great is it that you have the power at your fingertips – the power to search, the power to learn, and the power to connect.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Mary: Mary Devine is our Director of Marketing and Events. Affectionately referred to as “Make it Happen Mary,” she's been around since the early days of Advoco—making things happen! Whether it's planning exciting surprises for Connect attendees or spearheading new marketing initiatives, we're so happy to have Mary on our team. If you have a question for Mary, please send her an email.


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