Stick To It

One day back in college, my roommate and I were dreaming of our futures and in doing so, had a pessimistic conversation about someone never leaving their home state. My roommate’s dad challenged us saying, “What’s wrong with that? If they are happy, why is it your business, and why does it matter?”

I’m the only person my age I know who’s working at the same job now that they started within a year out of college. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to admit it because I feel like an odd ball.

If you would’ve told a younger me this would happen, I would’ve laughed and said what everyone did at the time, “I’ll be there for a year or two.” But sure enough 7 years ago this week, Marty and the Advoco team took a chance on me.

There’s a stigma around staying the same and sticking to something. But my friend’s dad was right. Everyone has to find their own way and create their own story.

Of course, we have to try new things, and I would never recommend remaining in something that you are not passionate about or happy doing. However, there’s nothing wrong with being happy where you are.

So, when you find something that works…

Don’t be afraid to stick with it.

Hang around for what you believe in.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

If you’re happy, don’t question it.

If it feels right, stay.

When I started at Advoco, I may not have known exactly where I was going, but my gut told me it was going to be good. The joy that has come from watching the company grow from 10 employees to dangerously close to 100, hosting 6 amazing user conferences, and being a part of an inspiring company culture has been better than I would’ve ever imagined.

If I hadn’t stuck around, I wouldn’t have experienced the invaluable learning experiences, leadership opportunities, and personal growth that have been a meaningful part of my journey. And I look forward to more!

Trust yourself and stick to it if it works.

Until next time...we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Mary: Mary Devine is our Director of Marketing and Events. Affectionately referred to as “Make it Happen Mary,” she's been around since the early days of Advoco—making things happen! Whether it's planning exciting surprises for Connect attendees or spearheading new marketing initiatives, we're so happy to have Mary on our team. If you have a question for Mary, please send her an email.