C.A.R.E. For Your Team

With football season starting, I began running through all of the positions in my mind. Quarterback is always the position I think of first, followed by the head coach, and then various others in offense, defense, other coaching staff, and so on.

This little mind exercise made me realize that even though the quarterback or head coach seems to be “The Guy” or “The Gal” we think of first, it really takes the entire team to win.

To have a successful team, you’ve got to C.A.R.E:

Catch and support.

Imagine how it would work if the quarterback threw perfect passes, but no one was there to catch. Or the coach designed a perfect play, but only half of the team showed up.

Achieve more together.

In business it takes the entire company to make it work. And when your goal is to help other businesses achieve their success, you need their help too. You’re all on the same team!

Recruit the whole team.

Keep everyone involved in the next play, be sure everyone knows the signals, and that they know where the goalposts are. You’ve got to keep your whole team in the game. There isn’t a preseason in business, but there can be improvement with every down.

Equip and coach others.

When you equip your team with the right tools, support them, and coach them when they need it, they will soar. To steal a phrase from one of our favorite quarterbacks at Advoco, Jimbo, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork!”

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Joe: Joe is self-described as "a classic maintenance guy gone IT." Joe worked in maintenance for many years and was a user of Infor before making the transition to helping others manage their EAM systems. As the VP of Public Sector Delivery for Advoco, Joe helps lead our team in providing innovative solutions to clients looking to get the most out of their EAM system. Our resident New Yorker, Joe traded the Brooklyn Bridge for our Berkeley office and splits his time between the East and West coasts. Have a question for Joe? Send him an email!


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