What Do You Practice

The old adage “practice makes perfect” is something we are all familiar with. If you spend 10 hours a day dribbling a soccer ball, you’ll get pretty good at soccer. But what about soft skills? Do you take time to practice those?

I was scrolling through social media and I found this video of a young boy posing the question “What do you practice?” and I just had to share it.

What do you practice every day? What you practice is what you will get good at.

What do you practice?

Do you practice joy in your life? Do you practice peace in your life? Do you practice happiness in your life? Or do you practice a lot of complaining. Because if you complain you will get very good at it and you will get so good at it that you will find fault with everything even when there’s no fault that a layman cannot see. You, being an expert, will see it.

What do you practice?

Do you practice anger? Because if you practice anger you will get very good at it. So good at it that the most trivial thing will make you angry. Like sitting in an airplane watching the seat across from you. And it somehow looks better than the one you’ve been given. And that is so unfair of the airlines.

What do you practice?

Do you practice being worried? Because if you practice being worried you will get very good at it. And you will get so good at it that everything will worry you. Including the buffalo you don’t have.

So, I propose if it’s true this is a question of practice, then I propose that you practice joy.

I’ll leave you with the same question the video poses – what do you practice? I hope it is joy, kindness, and empathy.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Beth: Beth Sullivan is a Solutions Architect at Advoco. She joined the team in 2014 and currently focuses on projects in New York City – FDNY, NYPD, and MTA Bridges & Tunnels. When Beth isn’t spending time seeing the big city lights in NYC you can find her working on never-ending home renovations, reading, and getting together with her family. Have a question for Beth? Send her an email.


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