Instead of I'm Sorry

Recently I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a quote that I knew I had to share in an a-Minute. The quote went something like this:

Lately I’ve been replacing my “I’m sorrys” with “Thank yous.” Instead of saying, “Sorry I’m late,” I’ll say, “Thanks for waiting for me.” Or, instead of “sorry for being such a mess,” I’ll say “Thank you for loving me and caring about me unconditionally!” And it’s not only shifted the way I think and feel about myself, but also improved relationships with others, who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity.

What an incredible shift in thinking. Rather than starting out with a negative, you can refocus the narrative and make it positive. You can begin with gratitude as an alternative to assigning blame.

Instead of, I’m sorry I haven’t written an a-Minute in a while, how about thanks for reading this quick a-Minute.

Next time you’re tempted to say “I’m sorry,” why not try starting with “Thank you”?

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Michele: Michele Page serves as Advoco’s Solutions Training Coordinator. She facilitates our internal training as well as client specific training initiatives. With nearly 20 years of EAM experience, Michele’s knowledge spans across multiple industries, covering all facets of Infor EAM. When Michele isn’t training users on the latest and greatest Infor EAM tools, she’s at her cabin in the countryside, riding her four-wheeler. Have a question? Send Michele an email!