Better Than Have A Good Day

Recently I was emailing with a customer when I noticed something that really struck me. Her email signature read, “Create a fantastic day.”

It’s pretty common to close an email with some sort of pleasantry – “All the best,” “Sincerely,” or “Have a great day.” I would argue that more often than not, we don’t even notice the closing of an email.

What stood out to me about the phrase “create a fantastic day” was how much power it gives to the individual. Instead of “have a fantastic day,” the phrase “create a fantastic day” gives you the ownership of your day. You aren’t waiting for the events of the day to happen to you, hoping that they will be favorable. You are taking action to produce the type of day you want.

What if we went into all our days with this mindset? The mindset that we have the ability to control what happens around us. The mindset that we can make our day great. The mindset that what happens to us is up to us.

I believe that if we face each day thinking this way, we will certainly “create a fantastic day.”

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Molly: Molly Gunson is our Digital Content Manager, helping the marketing team with all things writing related, websites, social media, and events. When she’s not telling the Advoco story, she’s spending time with her dogs and her fiancé in pursuit of Greenville’s best hot dog (current favorite: the mac and cheese dog from the Greenville Drive Stadium.) Got a question for Molly? Send her an email!


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