Feed the Positive Dog

When you experience growth in your organization, you will face new challenges.

Assuredly, your goals will extend beyond where you once thought possible. Your teams will continue to welcome and onboard more new members. You will be faced with new problems which will require you to come up with innovative and creative solutions.

So, as we face more and more of these challenges, what will be our key to success?

I am a firm believer that positive energy is powerful. Positivity in the workplace energizes us, while negativity drains us. Being positive not only makes each of us better, but it also makes everyone around us better.

Jon Gordon is an author and motivational speaker, and he wrote a book called The Positive Dog. The story in Jon’s book is about two dogs that exist inside of us. One of them is negative and mean with a pessimistic outlook, and the other is positive and hopeful with an optimistic outlook. He says that each day, the two dogs fight inside of us, and the one that wins is always the one that we feed the most. So, we must feed the positive dog.

While we look ahead at the proverbial hills that we aim to climb, let’s focus on what we can do each day to feed the positive dog.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Matt: Matt Gabriel plays a vital role in our business development team, helping with new projects and developing our Post Implementation business. Outside of work, Matt loves to play golf, try new restaurants, spend time with friends, and enjoy the outdoors. Have a question for Matt?

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