Find Out Where You Stand

We received a phone call last week from a client who is in the midst of discussing projects for the upcoming year and different things they want to get done with their Infor EAM system. The conversation went something like, “What are others doing in regards to their system? If I could find this out, maybe I could learn something new.”

Have you ever felt this way?

We're big believers in cultivating knowledge and fostering growth. That’s the reason we created our Current Practices Survey and Report. We want input from current users - what is working? What could be better? Where do we go from here?

But we can’t do it without you and need your help. Please take a few minutes and complete this survey for us. We will use your responses to build our 2018 Current Practices Report, which we will discuss and make available at Connect 2018.

We appreciate your help and are excited to share our findings with you!


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