15 Reasons We're Thankful for Infor EAM

In November, people often take time to reflect on the things they are grateful for. We have a lot of things that we have thought of, including Infor EAM. So we asked our team “Why are you thankful for EAM?” Here’s what they had to say:

  1. I’m thankful for EAM because of the power it gives you with your maintenance planning. One of my favorite sayings is “If you don’t plan your maintenance, your equipment will plan it for you.”

  2. Dataspies are something I’m grateful we have. They are versatile and handy on all screens. They allow you to pull the data you want, in the order that you want it, then it can be counted and/or exported to Excel on any list view screen. I can control what data I see and when.

  3. I am thankful for the mobile feature, it takes EAM to where the work is done and eliminates the need to keep up with paperwork.

  4. I find the add cache screen to be really useful because it allows you to add screens to the bottom of your task bar screen. It lets you quickly bounce between records you’re working on so you don’t waste time querying for the same records every time you need to make a quick comparison. Everyone should cache their most-used EAM screens.

  5. I am most thankful for the robust checklist functionality. To be able to track work at a task level with tracking on the task performer is revolutionary.

  6. I love the comprehensive audit trail. To be able to track when critical records were changed and by whom assists in business processes and in system troubleshooting.

  7. The new case management module is fantastic. It offers a platform for designing your own process flow for any process.

  8. The extreme configuration possibilities in EAM are great. It can be tailored to your specific business process and need. The breadth of functionality and configurability are unparalleled, we can make it to almost anything!

  9. I think Flex business rules are hands down the most powerful tool in EAM. Most custom EAM processes happen with Flex business rules.

  10. The purpose of inboxes and KPI’s is to provide a quick view of your business, by adding color coding and icons to the start center you can configure it to draw your attention to the needed areas. This helps ensure you are aware of where your focus should be for the day.

  11. New as of version 11.2, user defined screens have changed the way we approach meeting customers’ needs in EAM. Not only can you create a new screen on the front end, you can also use these to make tables in the database without needing access to the backend of the application. Couple UDS with Flex makes truly awesome functionality.

  12. EAM now accounts for time entered over the midnight hour. It will divide the time and report it correctly based on the midnight hour.

  13. Install parameters POSTRECV and POSTALLR provide further granularity on the status of purchase orders. This functionality has been around for a long time, but not all customers use it. Take a new look!

  14. Rolling disparate and antiquated maintenance data into EAM couldn’t be easier with new User-defined Screen and Grid Designer functionality. Throw away those all local spreadsheets or better yet, share them with your EAM enterprise.

  15. Admins can now setup dataspy and assign them to an individual user. This means that I can turn off the “advanced” option now for users, but provide them a dataspy for that one user that contains an advanced query.

Infor EAM is a world-renowned product that helps you maximize the power of your organization and chart a path toward future successes. We’re so thankful to get to be a part of our customers’ EAM journey. Why are you thankful for EAM?

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.


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