What it Takes to Change

Our lives are a journey – with a beginning and an end. Between those points, there are twists and turns. There are also moments that alter the rest of our lives. I wish I could recognize these moments as they occur, but it usually takes time for me to reflect and realize their importance.

What does it take to change? We could unpack that question multiple ways, but allow me to use an example from my life.

I had a desire to develop, a desire to lead. What I lacked was the knowledge and understanding of how to execute this goal. One morning, while listening to a podcast on my drive to work, one of those life altering moments occurred.

Before hearing this podcast, I thought I needed to change myself before I could be a leader. What I realized after listening to the podcast was that I needed to change that incorrect thinking. The podcast episode explained that everyone is able to be a leader, no matter where we are in our life or what skills we have to offer. Whatever personality traits, whatever physical appearance, whatever we already have is all that is required to start. You don’t need to change something about yourself before you can be a leader. The only thing that you really need to change is your way of thinking.

“Whatever we already have is all that is required to start.” This was a challenging concept for me to accept, but once I did, I started to see changes in my life that continue through today.

For me, what it took to change was confronting an incorrect idea that created a barrier in my mind. Do you have something holding you back? A barrier that exists only in your mind?

I encourage you to realize that today it is your turn. You don’t need a fundamental change or shift in your life to tackle that thing you’ve been thinking about. There is no better time than now to create a plan and make a change – whether it is a project at home or at work, you too can be a leader.

Until next time…we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About James: As the Vice President of Technical Delivery, James is responsible for the management and oversight of the Advoco Technical Delivery Team, helping with EAM installations and technical solutions for Advoco-internal and client-based systems. When James isn’t at the office he is spending time with his Lilly Pulitzer-loving wife and daughters (and they usually make him dress to match them!) Send him an email!


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