The Impact of Decisions

I was listening to the radio and a dating service’s tagline caught my attention. The advertisement claimed, “Who you marry will have a greater impact on your happiness than any other decision you will make.”

Whether you agree with the marketing is one thing, but this quick radio ad got me thinking. This ad challenges us with the importance of action versus inaction. Secondly, it makes you think about the intended or unintended consequences when making a decision.

From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep at night, we are constantly making decisions. Should I wear this shirt? What should I eat for lunch? How should I respond to that email?

Another big decision we face in this industry—deciding whether or not to invest in EAM.

Why are people saying “yes” to this decision? The short answer is: to improve maintenance. Maintenance delivers the reliable equipment that enables a plant to produce at a planned rate, planned quality standard, and planned EHS standard.

The “yes” to the decision of implementing EAM can have a huge impact on your business.

Chew on this: Who you select as your EAM supplier will have a greater impact on your improvement than any other decision you will make.

What actions are you taking to ensure the intended consequence of maintenance improvement?

Until next time...we are Advoco, make every minute count!

About James: James serves as Advoco’s Maintenance Improvement Practice Lead. His career has been dedicated to Reliable Plant Operations Performance, with experience ranging from “mega projects on a global scale” with Fluor Corporation to owning and operating a South Carolina-based plant services company. Known affectionately in the office by his childhood nickname Jimbo, he is passionate about restoring the value and pride in American Manufacturing through our Reliable Operation Initiative (ROI) and PRIDE in Maintenance implementation approach. He’s also known for dropping “idea bombs” – his way of challenging others to think differently in order to solve problems. If you have a question for James or Jimbo (he answers to both!), send him an email.


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