Step 12

Most people know that the first step in the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program is admitting that there is a problem. What is talked about less often is what AA’s twelfth step is. A book I read earlier this year, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, talks about this key tenant in AA (our whole Leadership Team read this book which is why several of us have referenced it in our a-Minute blog posts).

The AA program is built on a twelve-step model. If a person masters the first eleven steps, but not the twelfth, the odds that they may regress and start drinking again are higher. And what is this crucial twelfth step? As Sinek explains, “Step Twelve is the commitment to help another alcoholic beat the disease. Step Twelve is all about service.” In the final step, a person becomes a Sponsor, helping guide others through the program.

Success in AA is not about leaving the program. In fact, you never graduate or move on from the program. It is a lifetime commitment that you make—a commitment to growth, a commitment to continued education, and a commitment to helping others along the way.

I’m struck by this because of how similar it is to success with EAM systems. In order to have a strong EAM system, you have to understand that with EAM there is no final step, no graduation. Your EAM system is a constantly evolving and growing tool—a living, breathing part of your operation. It isn’t something you plug in and forget about. You have to keep searching for that next opportunity to get the most out of your investment.

And then, an awesome thing happens—you start teaching others about the system. This is something I’ve seen time and time again when EAM becomes adopted by one person in an organization – they can’t wait to share what they’ve learned with others. The “twelfth step” of EAM is to never stop learning and make sure those around you don’t stop either.

Where are you with your EAM system? Do you think you’ve graduated? I hope you’re thinking no. Strive for that twelfth step, helping others on their EAM journey.

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

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