Left to Your Own Devices

We have a saying that when people are “left to their own devices, they will find their own devices.” It’s a reminder that learning is important, and it’s something that you should pursue, no matter who you are or what your role is.

You can’t participate in a sporting event if you haven’t been taught the rules, just like you can’t complete a project if you haven’t been given the proper tools and training. When it comes to learning about your Infor EAM system, proper training is critical and should be prioritized throughout your EAM journey. There is always something new to learn or a skill that can be sharpened.

As our Solutions Training Coordinator, this phrase rings especially true for me. I’ve worked with EAM users for almost 20 years and I’ve learned that training (for both new and seasoned EAM users) can save countless hours and resources. If you can devote time and resources to training, you reduce the chance for error, which ultimately results in cost-savings.

I often get the question “Can I mass close Work Orders?” The answer is technically yes, but the reality is that you should not do it. You can select multiple WOs, right click to “Update Field,” choose status and close out the WOs without actually looking at or verifying anything. So, while you theoretically shouldn’t be doing that, the program does allow you to do it.

The truth is, if people aren’t trained, you will get one person showing someone else a loophole and you lose the information that had been in the WOs. If you can stop that sort of corner-cutting through the proper training, you decrease issues you could face later.

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself to work effectively is to keep learning and don’t stop!

Until next time...we are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Michele: Michele Page serves as Advoco’s Solutions Training Coordinator. She facilitates our internal training as well as client specific training initiatives. With nearly 20 years of EAM experience, Michele’s knowledge spans across multiple industries, covering all facets of Infor EAM. When Michele isn’t training users on the latest and greatest Infor EAM tools, she’s at her cabin in the countryside, riding her four-wheeler. Have a question? Send Michele an email!


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