If You Aim at Nothing

There’s a quote that says, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” It prompts me to ask myself: what am I aiming at? I know that I am defining my goals by challenging myself with this question, and in turn, my goals are easier to accomplish.

When you start out doing anything, you need to know what your end goal is. For example, when you run a race, you need to know what the course is and where the race finish line is, otherwise you’re just running around in circles aimlessly. You would never run a race without knowing where the finish line is, just like you should never start a project without knowing what the ultimate goal is.

By defining your goal, your vision, or your project mission, you take a firm stance about where you are headed. Once you’ve outlined this, others will have a clear understanding of what your intentions are and you can work together to achieve your goal. It makes it even easier if you write the goal down somewhere. Place it prominently where people will notice it.

Because you have taken the time to map your course, you can focus your energies on completing the task in the most efficient and effective way possible, while keeping the big picture in mind.

The next time you start a project, ask yourself, what are you aiming at?

About James: As the Vice President of Technical Delivery, James is responsible for the management and oversight of the Advoco Technical Delivery Team, helping with EAM installations and technical solutions for Advoco-internal and client-based systems. When James isn’t at the office he is spending time with his Lilly Pulitzer-loving wife and daughters (and they usually make him dress to match them!) Send him an email!


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