Success Isn't the Last Stop

People always talk about setting goals and having aspirations. What doesn’t get talked about as often is what happens once that goal is reached and that dream is achieved. When you’ve reached that point, what is your next step? Do you rest on your accomplishments? Do you set a higher goal?

For James Crow, success is not a place to rest. “I think a lot of what drives me is the that I can always be better.”

Often in life, we reach a plateau and we become complacent where we are. Whether it’s a specific project, promotion at work, or a personal matter, we think to ourselves, “Well, this is the best I can do. I am happy staying where I am.” But as James explains, “This is a false thought. It’s just flat out wrong. Once we realize that, we can move past that thought and continue to improve and grow.”

“I experienced a period of time like this at my previous job. I was 33 and the CIO of a multi-million-dollar company – a big role for a young age! In that moment, it would have been easy to see it as the best possible position and the highest achievement I could earn. But instead, I knew there were still improvements, growth, and opportunity to be had.”

Where in your life are you allowing yourself to plateau, resting on prior accomplishments and successes? To keep pushing yourself forward, you need to first acknowledge and accept that there is opportunity for improvement.

“Once you realize you can improve, there’s always room for improvement,” says James.

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

About James: As the Vice President of Technical Delivery, James is responsible for the management and oversight of the Advoco Technical Delivery Team, helping with EAM installations and technical solutions for Advoco-internal and client-based systems. When James isn’t at the office he is spending time with his Lilly Pulitzer-loving wife and daughters (and they usually make him dress to match them!) Send him an email!


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