Who Says Software Doesn't Matter? (pt. 4)

Steven Covey’s second habit in the 7 Habits of Effective People is: “Start with an End in Mind.” How true this is in anything and everything that we do! If we can visualize the entire project, including the end, then we can make it happen.

When it comes to implementing a new maintenance process or a CMMS/EAM system, if we don’t understand the tool—its strengths, capabilities, and its shortcomings—then how can we see down the road into the future? How can we avoid making the same mistakes others have made, and how can we know if we are doing things right? We need to start with the end in mind.

In order to have the most effective solution, you need to have a complete view of your entire system, with a distinct end goal in mind. For example, if driving productivity of your maintenance technicians is your goal, then understanding how the entire maintenance planning process works inside your specific EAM is important to make sure you can properly execute your plan.

When I first heard that speaker say “Software doesn’t matter,” I couldn’t believe it. Over the past few weeks we’ve explored several reasons why software does matter. As a recap:

  1. Not all software tools are created equal

  2. Deep domain expertise of the software tool is critical

  3. If it’s not in the software system, then it never happened

  4. Start with an end in mind

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Marty: As a partner at Advoco, Marty is responsible for strategic direction and business development as well as ensuring the success of client initiatives. He has a deep understanding of the EAM industry and is very aware of the challenges faced by organizations today in the pursuit to drive efficiency to bottom-line performance. Always reading a business book, Marty is a business strategy guru, but when he’s not brushing up on the newest leadership trends, he’s cheering on his Clemson Tigers. Have a question for Marty? Send him an email!