Who Says Software Doesn't Matter? (pt. 3)

There is one thing I think everyone has experienced when it comes to the implementation of your CMMS/EAM system—if it’s not in the software system, it never happened.

A great example of this was a project we worked on with a large, national manufacturing company. This client was developing new PM’s for some of its critical equipment, and they brought in a top consulting firm to help them with this task. At the end of the initial project, the PM’s were created with all the documentation, checklists, tasking, and estimated hours.

However, it was all done in Microsoft Excel, and was never developed to be implemented into their EAM system. When pressed to get this data into the EAM system, the consultant said that it was not part of their scope of work and that it really didn’t matter.

The problem was the consultant didn’t understand the capability of the software and what was required to make these PM’s function properly. Wow! In actuality, PM’s come out of the EAM system and then go through the planner to be scheduled. Without the PM’s in the EAM system, there's no way to track the work, it's like the work was never done.

Remember, the software can only be as effective as what is put into it.

Next week, we have one more installment in our “Who Says ‘Software Doesn’t Matter’?”* series, so be on the lookout!

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

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