Who Says Software Doesn't Matter? (pt. 2)

Continuing our series*, “Who says Software Doesn’t Matter?” a second reason you might think this way is because of lack of domain expertise. When it comes to software, deep domain expertise is critical.

I have found that having expertise in specific software gives me the ability to say with certainty what the system can and cannot do. I know how you should handle certain situations within the system, and I understand how you can make the software do what you want to do. Instead of having some knowledge of many systems, I have focused on learning everything I can about one system.

As we all know, no two plants are alike, and in order to get the most out of your operation, you have to be able to work within your unique CMMS/EAM system. Thus, having thorough understanding allows you to work within your system and keep a project on track, helping to avoid the missteps that come from not knowing the limitations of the software. There is nothing worse than finding a limitation when it is too late!

Deep domain expertise allows you to manipulate the software to match your unique specifications, enabling out-of-the box delivery options for common issues.

Next week, we’ve got another post in this series, so don’t change the channel.

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