A Culture of Yes

"No. No you can’t do that, no it doesn’t function like that, no that’s not how it works." At work, and in life, you get tired of hearing "no." Sherry Spaulding was downright tired of "no." She knew that in order to be innovative in her work, she needed to find ways to say "yes."

“I think there is always a way to 'yes,'" explains Sherry. "It may not be an obvious 'yes.' And it may not be exactly how the client is envisioning their 'yes,' but we get them to where they need to go. I think that takes true innovation."

Looking for a "yes" within your projects and in difficult situations when there seems like no solution can set you apart. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, in fact, you should be aiming to create an entirely new box!

There are situations where Infor systems do not provide an exact match for what is needed and the solution is not in the product development pathway. When this happens, try to create innovative solutions that allow you to say "yes."

Be the person who says "yes;" the one to find the "yes" for your project. If you do, we can promise you will see positive results.

Have you found a "yes" today?

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Sherry: Sherry Spaulding is the VP of Northeast Delivery for Advoco. Leading the team in Syracuse, Sherry is passionate about delivering clients with the best Enterprise Asset Management solutions available. Sherry has dedicated her career to developing management solutions around Maintenance, Work, Inventory, and Purchasing Management and applying Infor EAM to drive best appropriate practices. Starting as a user in private industry, her experience runs the gamut from fleet management and public sector through to manufacturing. If you have a question for Sherry, please send her an email.


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