Not the Average Joe

Joe Mandracchia is a true believer. “I really do believe that everybody who does maintenance deserves a really good maintenance management system or asset management system. So trying to make that happen is what drives me. I’m fixing EAM one system at a time.”

For Joe, the key to successfully helping implement and maintain an EAM project is all about project scope. “The most common struggle with projects is scope creep,” explains Joe. “EAM is a wonderful Pandora’s Box of things you can do. And unfortunately, when you open up this Pandora’s Box you want to do too many things at one time and that can jeopardize a project. The most successful projects keep the scope limited to what the original goals were and then move on to adding more elements as time goes on.”

We had a client who was particularly successful at this. This client was successful because they really desired change, and they were eager to be involved with creating that change. Joe reflects that “They had a very clear mission, they didn’t have a ‘I need to do this and these 20 other things’ mentality. They had a very clear set of goals and that’s what they wanted to accomplish. I got to help them do that.”

Joe’s belief that a good maintenance system can make people’s lives easier drives his passion for helping implement and maintain Infor EAM systems across a spectrum of different industries.

“I do think that a good maintenance system makes somebody’s life a little better. Whether it’s the technician, the supervisor, the planner, someone along the line gets something out of it. And I get something out of it - I walked in, I saw a problem and I fixed it.”

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Joe: Joe Mandracchia is self-described as “a classic maintenance guy gone IT.” Joe worked in maintenance for many years and was a user of Infor before making the transition to helping others manage their EAM systems. As the VP of West Coast Delivery for Advoco, Joe helps lead our team in providing innovative solutions to clients looking to get the most out of their EAM system. If you have a question for Joe, please send him an email at