Don't Just Keep Your Mission on the Wall

A lot of companies and organizations have a mission statement, but what happens when the dust settles on the frame that holds that mission?

Companies spend weeks or months making the verbiage of their mission just right—showing the world they have a firm grasp of the English language as well as a passion for their work. The mission is unveiled, beautifully encased in a glass frame and hung on a prominent wall. Everyone oohs and ahhs at this wonderful piece of writing that will drive their company into the future. But then everyone goes back to their desk, the work piles on, and the dust settles on the frame, becoming more a piece of the wall than a piece of the company.

For Sherry Spaulding, Advoco’s VP of Northeast Delivery, what sets the Advoco Mission, Vision, and Values apart is that “it isn’t just something hung on our wall.”

“I believe we’re different because the mission really, truly describes who we are. It’s clear—there aren’t a lot of fluffy words. From day one I’ve always liked ‘we strive to be your trusted advisor.’ That is exactly what we do. When I have a new person start, I spend a lot of time explaining that if we become our client’s trusted advisor, we have done our job.”

Sherry sees the Advoco Mission, Vision, and Values showcased every day at Advoco, and that’s what makes it is such an important piece of the company culture. When you challenge yourself to live out your company mission, engaging with it on a daily basis, it becomes engrained in you. Your company mission is given life when people know it is attainable and when they strive to meet its standards every day.

Next time you walk past that mission statement on the wall, dust it off and ask yourself, am I living out this mission every day?

Until next time…We are Advoco, make every minute count.

About Sherry: Sherry Spaulding is the VP of Northeast Delivery for Advoco. Leading the team in Syracuse, Sherry is passionate about delivering clients with the best Enterprise Asset Management solutions available. Sherry has dedicated her career to developing management solutions around Maintenance, Work, Inventory, and Purchasing Management and applying Infor EAM to drive best appropriate practices. Starting as a user in private industry, her experience runs the gamut from fleet management and public sector through to manufacturing. If you have a question for Sherry, please send her an email at