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7 Essentials of A Highly Effective EAM Implementation

The word essential means absolutely necessary. There are many features you need when it comes to your Infor EAM system, but what are the elements that are absolutely necessary for a successful Infor EAM implementation or project? In this White Paper we dive into the 7 Essentials of a Highly Effective EAM Implementation and how to implement them at your organization.

2019 Infor EAM Current Practices Report

The results are in and we're ready to share the findings from our 2019 Current Practices Survey with you. This annual cross-industry analysis surveyed over 200 Infor EAM users to find out how people are using their systems. From these responses we identified trends, opportunities for growth, and ways we can all improve. 

Reinvent the Way You Learn

Updates and upgrades to software happen at break-neck speeds. With this constant evolution, staying up to date on features and functionality of software depends heavily on training.


In the past, when you needed to brush up on your knowledge or train a new team of users, you had an instructor lead a class with training documentation and cheat sheets. This is a pretty standard format, and for the most part, it worked.


But it doesn’t work for everyone.

Five Enemies of a Successful Infor EAM Implementation

Imagine you read an article citing that 50% of EAM implementations fail. Then you learn you’re the new project manager for your company’s EAM project. Immediately you have conventional worries about scope, budget, and schedule. There’s no worse feeling than uncertainty as you begin your project. In this White Paper we highlight 5 Enemies of a Successful Infor EAM Implementation – what to look out for and how to overcome them.

2018 Infor EAM Current Practices Report

The last time we published this report, we renamed it the Current Practices Report – because we don’t believe in “best practices.” We only believe in the practices that make sense for your specific vision. We wrote this to provide you with a resource so that you can achieve successful projects with EAM and foster purpose driven maintenance. This cross industry analysis explores the ways that over 200 members of the Infor EAM community are using their software and identifies key trends to drive the use of your EAM system.

2016 Infor EAM Current Practices Report

The Current Practices Report offers a cross-industry analysis of Infor EAM to help organizations improve system usage and ROI. The report contains the results of an independent survey of nearly 100 Infor EAM users, representing over 50 different companies. Conducted by Advoco, the survey gathered important data from maintenance managers, executive management, parts coordinators, maintenance planners, and more.  

Advoco Energy Solution: The Key to Managing Your Company’s Power Usage

Around the world, awareness is rising fast that energy usage is costing us more than just money—it could be costing us the very health of our planet. As a result, governments are pursuing policies that will penalize energy waste and encourage faster adoption of non-fossil fuels. What does all this mean for your business? Are you prepared?

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a CMMS/EAM

As companies search for ways to get the most out of their existing operating assets, Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS/ EAM) software packages are key. However, when it comes to researching, selecting and implementing the right CMMS/EAM, some of the same mistakes have been made for decades and some new ones have emerged. This white paper, written by expert David Berger, explores 10 of the more common mistakes you should avoid if you are looking for a new or replacement CMMS/ EAM system. The mistakes are listed in no particular order. Conclusions are supported by a recent survey conducted by Plant Services magazine.

DuPage Water Commission Turns to Tutor Time Online EAM Support

DuPage Water Commission turns to Tutor Time for one-on-one training from an EAM professional. DuPage Water Commission provides reliable, quality, responsive, and costefficient Lake Michigan water service for existing and future customers as required by, or pursuant to, state statutes in the communities of DuPage County, Illinois.

2012 EAM Best Practices Survey Report

This Best Practices report offers the results of an independent survey of over 120 Infor EAM users, representing over 50 different companies. Conducted by Advoco, the survey gathered important data from participants who actually use the system (80% on a daily basis), including system administrators, maintenance managers, executive management, parts coordinators, maintenance planners, and more.

3 Steps to Getting Your MRO Back on Track

MRO spending is often seen as a necessary evil, a cost of maintaining assets. To care for equipment properly, you must have replacement parts—many companies simply could not function without an available supply of spare components. However, if your company is consistently placing emergency part orders, finding the same product with multiple part numbers, or making duplicate orders, then you are probably spending too much on MRO.

Reinvent Your Organization: "We've Got to Think Differently"

In the movie Moneyball, the story of the Oakland Athletics baseball team contains powerful lessons for business application. It offers substantial insights on the use of analytics and how it can help in business. Learn how to examine your operation in a new light using three key themes.