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Tune into live webinars or watch recorded webinars on-demand. Advoco webinars are an online resource for education and collaboration relating to Infor EAM. The Infor EAM webinars include technical, functional, and theory-based topics. Further optimize your system usage by taking advantage of these informative webinars. Join us to:


  • Discover the power of the Infor EAM application

  • Find tips and tricks that every Infor EAM user should know

  • Learn from some of the most experienced Infor EAM consultants and thought leaders

  • Expose yourself and your team to the Infor EAM application at no cost

  • Become a part of the Advoco community

Upcoming live webinars

Infor EAM for Healthcare

Sep 30, 2020 02:00 PM EST

The healthcare industry is vast and complex, with its own set of hurdles and challenges. In this webinar we will highlight how Infor EAM can drive patient care and safety in the healthcare industry. We will dive into how the Infor EAM technology supports the healthcare industry and ways you can utilize the system to propel your organization forward. You will get to see real life application of the Infor EAM software as we share customer stories from the field.

Infor EAM Version 11.6 Release Experts Panel

Oct 28, 2020 02:00 PM EST

Join us for this engaging webinar where you'll hear from a panel of Infor EAM experts about the recent V11.6 release. Our emcee extraordinaire, Steve Brindle, will interview a panel of experts about topics ranging from GIS, to Cognos, to Single Sign On, to Revision Control. This is a great opportunity to gain insights into the 11.6 release and what it means for your organization.

Infor EAM Safety Module

Nov 11, 2020 02:00 PM EST

The Safety Module in Infor EAM is an often overlooked tool. In this webinar, Joe Mandracchia will dive into this module and how important it is. He'll show us how to use it and how it could benefit your organization. Joe will also speak with customers currently utilizing the module for some insights into real-world application.


On-demand webinars

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Materials Kitting: What Is This and How Can it Help My Business?

Kitting of parts is a broad subject matter that means many things to different organizations. During this webinar, David Ursy and Suzanne Williams discussed several examples of how kitting has been deployed in the past. Then, they dived into Infor’s newly introduced module that allows for parts kitting. They discussed its purpose, how it works, and how it may benefit your organization. But what if your organization defines kitting in in a way that is not in alignment with Infor's specific solution? During this webinar we shared a few ideas around parts kitting that use Infor EAM's tool and some creative alternatives.

EAM Mobile Survey Results with Marty Osborn, Javier Buzzalino & Nadia Stolfo

As part of Connect 2020, we asked the Infor EAM community about their experiences with Infor EAM Mobile. Now, the results are in! During this webinar, Advoco’s Marty Osborn, Infor’s SVP of Engineering, Javier Buzzalino, and FirstGroup's Senior Process Analyst Nadia Stolfo dived into the insights and trends from the 2020 Infor EAM Mobile survey. Javier will also highlight new mobility features and the impacts these will have on your workforce.

Optimizing Your Operator Checklists

Dive into Operator Checklists in Infor EAM with Advoco's Robert Ciavaglia! In this webinar we covered all the bases: what are Operator Checklists? How can you use them in your organization? And guidelines to follow for setting them up in your environment. Watch now to learn more about Operator Checklists and how they can help optimize your Infor EAM functionality.

Powerful Configuration Tools You Have in Your Infor EAM Toolbox

Your Infor EAM system offers several configuration tools that can make the software specialized to meet your specific business needs. In this webinar, we dive into a few of these tools including screen designer and screen setup options. Being aware of these configuration tools will allow you to know what your system is capable of doing and what enhancements you can make today.



This may sound like work management basics, but mobility is still foreign to many implementations. Watch this webcast, with speakers from Infor and Advoco, to learn what mobile can do for an organization to take operational productivity to a new level.

The Power of Mobile in Maintenance and Operations

Do you want the transaction history and asset data in your enterprise asset management (EAM) solution to be timely and accurate? To get the maximum value from an EAM solution, field technicians need full access to the system without remaining stuck behind a computer.

Mobile access enriches the communications link between field and office, so that field technicians have access to asset data in the right place, at the right time.


This may sound like work management basics, but mobility is still foreign to many implementations. Watch this webcast, with speakers from Infor and Advoco, to learn what mobile can do for an organization to take operational productivity to a new level.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Maintenance Leader

What makes a great maintenance leader?  In this webinar, Advoco’s own Jimbo Rogers will introduce you to Ricky Smith and the pair will dive into the seven key habits Ricky has identified to being a truly effective maintenance leader.

Ricky has over thirty years of experience working as a maintenance and reliability professional for companies like Exxon Company USA, Alumax Mt. Holly, Kendall Company, and the U.S. Army. As a consultant and educator, Ricky has worked with hundreds of companies and draws on his wide variety of experience to share examples of what effective leadership looks like, how to approach solving problems as a team, and behaviors that drive expected results. 

Kick Off 2020 with Infor EAM 11.5

With the release of the latest Infor EAM update, the Advoco team highlights the enhancements and changes that were rolled out. We cover some of the newest features and functions that we are excited about, including mobile enhancements. Watch this webinar to stay up to date on the latest version of Infor EAM!

Enhancing Your Checklists with the Current Practices Report

​​In our 2019 Current Practices Report, we highlighted the checklist functionality. In this webinar, our team will be diving into the data found in the report and highlighting underutilized checklist features and functionality. We look at features including non-conformities, eSignatures, not applicable options, and condition as found. We also explore several mobile features available for checklists that allow you to enhance mobile usability including group labels and value sliders.

How Do You Measure Up? The Advoco 2019 Current Practices Report Release

​The results are in and we're ready to share the findings from our 2019 Current Practices Survey. Our annual cross-industry analysis surveyed over 200 Infor EAM users to find out how they are using their system. From these responses we identified trends, opportunities for growth, and ways we can all improve. Watch this webinar to see Marty Osborn dive into the data and highlights ways to take advantage of your system right now.

Back to School with Updates in Infor EAM

It's back to school time, so keep your Infor EAM knowledge growing! In this webinar,  hear from the expert trainers at Advoco about some of the new features and functionality on the horizon for Infor EAM and the upcoming v 11.5 release. We also take a look at some of the differences between hosted and non-hosted environments and the benefits to going to the Cloud.

Taking Your System on the Move with EAM Mobile

​How can Infor EAM’s mobile solutions streamline your daily work activities? Watch to learn about the features of the newer mobile applications. We dive into the mobile interface as well as the setup and configuration necessary in order to effectively capture data in the field.

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Planning and Scheduling in Infor EAM?

We all live and breathe planning and scheduling – or at least it sounds good when we talk about it. But, are we taking shortcuts instead of using planning and scheduling to its full potential? We walk through the reasons why every organization should implement planning and scheduling and what it really means in Infor EAM. When it comes to scheduling we discuss how to implement the daily work order scheduling tool – a feature that is commonly overlooked. Watch this webinar and make sure you’re using your system to its full potential!

Get Reimbursed for Maintenance Costs

Wouldn’t it be nice to get money back for the work done on equipment and the parts used? Especially on new components? During this webinar, we demonstrate how to keep track of and process equipment warranties for work done on equipment. We also review part warranties which is based on consecutive issues of a part to a piece of equipment.

Water and Wastewater Asset Management Fundamentals

A key to a successful system is being able to use your Infor EAM configuration to help you plan for the future. In this two-part webinar series, we hear from the product experts at Infor, Advoco, and GHD about using Infor EAM for asset reliability tracking and maintenance optimization fundamentals to improve your operations.

This is part two of our two-part collaborative webinar series as we discuss how to use your asset performance tracking data and reporting to drive your system forward.

Failure Analysis for Water and Wastewater

​In partnership with Infor, GHD and Advoco will explore the use of asset performance, condition, and consequence of failure information on asset management decision-making, and long-term renewal forecasting.

Highlights of this webinar will include:

  • Major (strategic) failure modes

  • Performance assessment criteria

  • Physical condition assessment criteria (desktop, field, measured assessments)

  • Consequence of failure assessment criteria

  • Default O&M practices per asset risk management zones

  • Future renewal (rehabilitation and replacement) forecasting

Getting the Most Out Of Your Start Center

The Start Center is a highly configurable dashboard that allows you to get a view of your data at a glance. Join us during this webinar as we show you how to set up your Infor EAM data and your Start Center to provide insight into your day and use the system more effectively. We provide examples and suggestions on how to build effective business metrics.

Infor EAM: Everything You Need to Know for 2019

There’s no worse feeling than uncertainty, and with the constantly evolving technology of Infor EAM, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and information. Join us as we dive into what’s new with Infor EAM. We’ll highlight recent white papers (including the 5 Enemies of a Successful Implementation and the Current Practices Report) as well as upcoming events and important updates.


Continuing to invest in your education is the best way to get the most out of your system, so join us as we make an exciting announcement about the Connect Education Network, a new training tool for you and your team that will connect you with content, coaching, and community surrounding Infor EAM.

The Power of Visualization: Bringing it All Together

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? Why is navigating through the airport relatively easy? The answer – the screens! Visualization is vital to our lives, so why should our organizations operate any differently? How can we expect our stakeholders to understand what is going on when we just share numbers? Join us for this webinar to explore different visualization options within Infor EAM including mobility, OpenCAD, GIS, and Birst/Business Intelligence.

Workflows in Infor Operating Service: Driving Reductions and Improvements ​

We’re all looking to save costs and improve business processes. In this webinar, our technical team shares insights into how Workflows in Infor OS function and how you can utilize them to drive improvements in your organization. In addition to covering the basics of Workflows, we demonstrate how a user is able to approve EAM Purchase Orders leveraging ION Workflows. This gives users the ability to approve Purchase Orders or Requisitions without logging into an EAM account, instead all they would need is a Ming.le account. Watch this webinar to find out how we dive deeper into a function you can implement today!

OpenCAD: Visualizing Your Assets

​Your EAM system tracks everything you own, lease, and rent, and makes the data visible to you in tabular form. While tabular data is effective, it can be time-consuming. To protect your bottom line, you must be able to closely manage your EAM system so you can determine the status of your assets from a number of perspectives — at a glance. In this Infor and Advoco collaborative webinar we find out how to do this utilizing OpenCAD. We also explore how OpenCAD can aid in visualizing your parts. This module can be used to help create parts from your manufacture’s part explode diagrams and the data can then be used dynamically to see what parts are needed to maintain the equipment already in the database.

GIS: Mapping Your Future

​You know what the work is, but do you know where it is? When you have geographically dispersed assets, you need to be able to easily find, track, and manage them. GIS makes this easier than ever before. In this Infor and Advoco collaborative webinar we will explore the powerful tool of GIS and see how it is used in the field by customers.

You’re Live, Now What? EAM Post Implementation & Your Continued Journey

Are you asking yourself, we’re live, now what? Are you searching for ways to maximize your usage of Infor EAM? Figuring out what to do next and who to call when issues arise is challenging! 

One of the best ways to move forward with your system is to find out how other people are utilizing the technology. In 2018 we conducted a research project by surveying nearly 200 users on current system trends and how people are using their Infor EAM software. During the webinar, we share the current practices and trends in EAM we found. 

We walk through questions like: what modules are you currently using, what features are being underutilized, what areas are EAM users excelling in, and have you provided proper training for your users? 

Knowing what to do once you’re live with EAM is certainly hard. Our new service offering, Post Implementation Consulting (PI) was designed to lead you forward in what to do next with Infor EAM. This webinar is hosted by our PI team and is aimed at giving you guidance to drive continuous improvement and tips and tricks for future strategy. 

Birst: Taking Your Dashboards to New Heights

​Ever-changing technology allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place. In 2017, Infor acquired Birst, a cloud-based, business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization tool. Birst provides a platform for networked business intelligence allowing you to share insights and decision making by connecting teams and applications via a network of analytics services. In this webinar you will see how to consume EAM data with easy to use analytics.

The Power of Checklists: An Improved Tool In Version 11.4

​Checklists in Infor EAM provide step-by-step instructions that allow for an advanced level of task detail to identify which maintenance steps need to be completed and recorded. In this webinar we look at the checklist functionality, how they work, and some exciting new features that have been added in recent version upgrades. Watch now to learn how to harness the power of this important Infor EAM feature. You can access all the questions and the answers from the Advoco team in this document.

What's New in Version 11.4

When the new version of Infor EAM comes out, do you find yourself asking, “What do I do now?” If you’ve found yourself in this position, then this webinar is for you. In this webinar we dive into a new level of asset management by exploring version 11.4. We share insights, tips, and new features and functionality. During our live recording of this webinar, attendees asked lots of great questions. You can access all the questions and the answers from the Advoco team in this document.

Mobile: Seeing Your System on the Move

​As we become an ever more mobile-friendly society, it is going to be increasingly difficult to keep Infor EAM Mobile out of your organization. Infor EAM Mobile extends the value of Infor EAM for field service workers as well as for managers, clerks, and schedulers who are connected directly to the solution. The mobile application delivers the functions they need to access, capture, and manage information directly from the field.

In this Infor and Advoco collaborative webinar you will learn how real customers use Infor EAM Mobile to drive productivity and cost savings in their organizations, and how you can do it too.

Two Technical Problems All Users Face: Work Order History Migration & Direct Data Access for Hosted Clients

One of the most challenging things in any job is when you feel alone in your problems. In this webinar, we dive into two common problems that many organizations face. First, issues with Work Order history. Organizations often struggle to bring their Work Order history into Infor EAM. Join us for this webinar to see how Advoco has designed a process to solve this problem. We also explore solutions to the age-old issue of direct data access for hosted clients. 

Alternative Ways to Start the Work Order Process

​In the past, if you wanted something recorded you had to start with a Work Order. Infor EAM now gives us ways to record information that does not necessarily require a Work Order. These processes include Case Management, Call Center, and Non-Conformities. Watch this webinar to find out if one of these options could be a better approach for your organization.

Fleet and Transit: Driving Improvements in Reliability

When your assets are on wheels or on rails, they’re moving, and moving fast! Join the next webinar in our series for Public Sector organizations where we will explore fleet and transit asset tracking to help improve your reliability and efficiency.

In this Infor and Advoco collaboration webinar we’ll discuss the issue of fleet management and maintenance focusing on topics such as:

  • Inspections

  • Mobile capabilities

  • GIS integration

  • Asset diagnostics

  • Telematics like vehicle fuel and mileage

Extensibility Framework: Cascading Hierarchies

​This webinar is a primer on how to create extensibility in your EAM environment. We demonstrate a cascading lookup field leveraging the power of Extensibility Framework that was created for a customer use case.

Keeping the Enterprise in EAM: Data Visibility Across Public Sector Organizations

In order to get the most out of your EAM system, from departmental supervisors to your budget management office, you need all areas of your organization effectively utilizing the software for their specific needs—sharing information but maintaining department and organizational autonomy. By utilizing the inherent structure of Infor EAM and the built-in enterprise tools, everything you need is at your fingertips and, the sharing, reporting, and communication of data across departments and throughout your organization, becomes as easy as just doing your job.


We will highlight data sharing and separation across departments and organizations like facilities, water, wastewater, and fleet. We’ll share example configurations from real customers and how to use enterprise reporting and metrics.

Utilizing ION & Ming.le to Improve Your Integration Strategy

Costs savings is at the heart of EAM, and one of the biggest ways to save costs is through integration. In this webinar, we’ll highlight strategies for improving your integration with EAM. We’ll focus specifically on the capabilities of ION and Ming.le. ION is a relatively new application that was created with common business data flows for several Infor applications that are easy to get up and running. The newest version of Ming.le includes mobile apps that allow workflows to migrate seamlessly from the user’s desktop to their mobile device. Join us as we learn more about ION and Ming.le and how you can use these applications to drive cost savings through integration.

Wrench Time Studies: The Impact of the Planner Role and EAM Mobile

​One major task for the planner role is to estimate the time needed to complete a job. But once that estimate is made, how is that time actually spent? Whether you estimate too much or too little time, understanding how your team’s time is being spent will improve your future estimates. In this webinar we will explore a project at Wayne Farms that evaluated planning effectiveness. Join us to discover how you can evaluate your own team to make their time more effective.

Mobility: How to Improve Efficiency & Productivity Utilizing EAM Mobile

​In an ever-connected world, more and more things are becoming mobile friendly. Why should your asset management system be any different? Your workforce is mobile, and in this Infor and Advoco collaboration webinar, we’ll show you how to make your asset and work management mobile as well.

During the live webinar broadcast, we’ll look into how you can harness the power of mobile solutions to save time and drive productivity in real time. We will explore:

  • Managing work in the field:

    • Creating work orders

    • Managing work orders

    • Issuing and returning parts

    • Booking labor

    • Checklists

  • Operator checklists

  • Mobile GIS

  • Equipment history

Join us to discover how to get better efficiency in the field.

Infrastructure: Using Condition Assessments & Capital Planning to Facilitate Improvements

How does your organization prioritize its infrastructure investments?  Given the enormous costs associated with infrastructure improvement, it is very important to have an accurate picture of their condition. Are they a public safety risk?  Is it better to repair, or replace them when they fail? One thing you know for sure: you must understand where you are before you can determine where you can go and the same is true for your infrastructure assets.

Watch our collaborative Infor and Advoco webinar to learn how with assessment tools found in EAM you can:

  • Manage an accurate asset registry

  • Assess and score the condition of assets

  • Analyze your data and determine the best course of action

  • Prioritize your investment funding

  • Plan and secure future funding


Knowing the current and anticipated condition of your assets is the key to optimizing your organization’s capital investment. With the anticipated federal government infrastructure investment, now is the time to take stock of your assets and prepare for the future.

Beat the Delays: Planning & Scheduling

There is nothing worse than delayed work due to broken or unavailable parts or labor. One of the fastest and most effective investments your organization can make to improve productivity and availability is utilizing Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. To meet the need for increased equipment reliability you need to improve parts availability from your maintenance stores: reducing wait times; eliminating unnecessary parts; and ensuring accurate information.

The planning modules also help to allocate the correct labor resources at the correct time for the task at hand – improving efficiency and accurate budgeting. Overall, maintenance tasks are as much as 50% more efficient in terms of cost and time. Join us for this webinar to help you harness the power of Planning and Scheduling in Infor EAM.

EAM for the Public Sector: 5 Keys to Asset Management Excellence

An Infor and Advoco collaboration, this webinar covers public utilities and municipalities, and how to meet rising levels of service expectations with diminishing resources. Find out how, despite new and ever-changing legislation and mandates across the public sector, Infor and Advoco are using five key areas where you could be using Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to improve your maintenance effectiveness, increase your warranty recovery, and improve your reliability and risk management.

Throughout the webinar series we’ll share key insights and then dive deeper into Public Sector case studies, helpful management hints, and interactive solution demonstrations surrounding topics such as:

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Mobility

  • Data and processes

  • Fleet management

  • GIS and OpenCAD

The Key to Key Management

With every update to Infor EAM, users have access to new functions to help increase the efficiencies of their system. V11.2 brought us enhanced capabilities for dealing with service requests, moves, suppliers, and physical custody of security equipment--not the least of which was Key Management. In this webinar, we explore Key Management which allows for complete tracking of locks, keys, and custody. You’ll get helpful insights into using Key Management as well as hands on tips and tricks.

Exploring Mechanic's Workbench

Mechanic’s Workbench is an often underutilized feature of Infor EAM and in this webinar we discuss the features of this incredibly useful screen in the Work Order module. When you harness the power of Mechanic’s Workbench, you are able to view all work order activities and jobs that have been assigned to the mechanic for selected shift sessions for a particular day on the Shift Scheduling Form. You can use this form to start and stop work order activities and/or jobs, update their status to completed, or view equipment and work order details.

This webinar touches on scheduling as well as answer questions like: How do I get work orders to flow to the Workbench to be updated by the mechanic? How can the Workbench be used to help my mechanics record the work they are doing? And, what can the mechanic record from the Workbench screen?

Driving Maintenance & Plant Performance Improvement through Asset Management

This collaborative webinar showcases industry experts Infor and Advoco with special guest Continental Structural Plastics. 

Cary Melone and James Rogers will present the business case of why automotive companies should invest in asset management and demonstrate the ROI benefits, while Robert Ciavaglia will provide case study results of CSP’s deployment of EAM. 

Current Practices: Cross-Industry Analysis of Infor EAM

Everyone wants to be the “Best” so it’s natural to want a “Best Practices Report.” Quite honestly, we have always felt a little funny about the term “Best Practices.” After diving into our “Best Practices Survey” results, our feelings on the term were affirmed and we experienced a major paradigm shift. We were not asking about your “Best Practices” in our survey, we were asking about your current practices, and thus our “Current Practices Report” was born because you can’t have a best practice if it doesn’t fit your real practice. 

In this webinar, we discuss key findings from our “Current Practices Report” where we asked respondents about their real practices with Infor EAM. The survey provided valuable feedback from Infor EAM users regarding how they use the system for purchasing, managing MRO parts, reporting, and more. Find out how other users manage operations with Infor EAM, and learn useful tips to better handle your own processes and enhance the way you use your system. Turn other’s Current Practices into a solution to match the unique needs of your organization. We have a very special guest for this webinar. Kevin Price, Product Director at Infor, will be joining us to share his feedback. You don't want to miss this online event!

Utilizing Closing Codes and Why It's Important to Your Business

One of our favorite quotes, by Coach Jim Johnson, is “To be exceptional, you have to be great at the things you can control.” You can accomplish this by turning an often underused EAM functionality into Knowledge and Operating Efficiencies! One effective investment an organization can make to improve productivity and availability of its equipment is to manage assets with a proactive maintenance program. Our team will discuss EAM closing codes, the closing code hierarchy capability, and why the utilization of these features is so important. You will also learn simple approaches to conducting failure analysis and leveraging the data from the analysis to drive strategic maintenance planning.

Upgrade to a New Level of Asset Management v11.2

Join the Advoco team to see for yourself what Infor EAM v11.2 is – including two of our favorites: A new Dataspy Dropdown has been added to the search bar on the Split View, enabling the user to switch Dataspies without leaving Split View mode. Also, changes and enhancements have been made to the User Defined Screens functionality. Infor EAM v11.2 might be the right solution for your business as it has been designed with the end-user and organizational profitability in mind. After attending this webinar, you will know the secrets to v11.2 and very importantly, you will know what steps to take if you are considering upgrading.

Purchasing Contracts 101

The Purchasing Contracts module in Infor EAM allows you to track supplier contracts for parts and automatically apply negotiated pricing to POs, including discounts on whole orders and individual parts when minimum order dollar amount or minimum part quantity is met. The seminar will cover: creating a new purchasing contract, adding parts to a contract, adding discounts to a contract, approving contracts, and demo of contract pricing application in purchasing process.

What’s the Point of a Schedule without a Plan?

With Infor EAM, you can easily schedule work orders daily on a simple form by defining the equipment, work order, activity and employee selection parameters. In this webinar, you will learn the important details of maintenance planning and scheduling, like the daily work order planning, that helps eliminate the losses associated with chasing parts, looking for information to do the work, and waiting on the equipment to become available. Learn about one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability…Planning and Scheduling!

Checklists Make Work Easy

Checklists in Infor EAM are step-by-step instructions that provide an advanced level of task detail to identify which maintenance steps need to be recorded. They help better complete and capture data during PMs, help solve issues that are associated with data collection, and provide users with the ability to break down the tasks into individual steps to better manage individual processes. The data that is gathered can be qualitative and quantitative readings and findings. Once the checklist is accomplished, follow up work orders can be created by the system to handle any issues that may have been identified during this process. In this webinar, we look at how to set up the various types of data that is captured and how checklists interact with the inspection functionality and enable inspections data to be more easily gathered.

When to use Maintenance Patterns vs Traditional PM Nesting?

When should I use maintenance patterns instead of traditional nesting for preventative maintenance schedules? This webinar will compare and contrast PM nesting and the maintenance pattern functionality. The focus of this presentation is real life applications of these features and when and how to use each one as it applies to scheduling. After watching this webinar, you won’t have any trouble making this EAM decision!

EAM as a Platform for Asset Management

Public utilities and municipalities face rising challenges of diminishing resources, rising levels of service expectations, and the dilemma of how to best utilize those diminishing resources to meet those rising expectations. Asset Management, the coordinated activities of maintaining desired levels of service for what you want your assets to do at the lowest lifecycle costs, was developed in response to those challenges and the practice has been increasingly adopted by progressive municipalities and utilities throughout the United States and abroad. Although it is not a prerequisite for asset management, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) with their existing asset database are natural platforms for launching an asset management program.