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One solution does not fit all

Allison Gleisner

Sr. Director of Alliances, Infor

Our relationship with Advoco has continually provided abundant value to us and our mutual clients. They take great care in understanding their clients’ needs and the payoff to the customer is the speed and success of which they can implement.

We start with our 6 key components of an implementation, and work with your team to create the solution that best suits your team.

Your business is unique, so your EAM solution should be unique too. You need a custom tailored solution to fit your specific requirements and needs.


Whether you are considering purchasing Infor EAM, just starting out and brand new to the software, or have been working with it for years, before a project launches we want to get to know the ins and outs of your organization and where you are with your EAM journey. What does winning look like for your team?


You’ll show us your current work processes, data, and system, then we’ll work together to determine the path forward. We will focus on streamlining your organizational needs, allowing you to capitalize on existing knowledge, practices, and system data.

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The 6 Key Components to a Successful Project

From years of successful projects with Infor EAM, we have created a methodology framework to help guide you through your implementation. While every journey with Infor EAM is unique, all projects follow these key components.


Infor EAM Strategy

Step 1: Assess, Discover, and Validate

In the first phase, we spend time reviewing your current work process and determine how to translate, consolidate, and optimize these practices into your new Infor EAM solution. This exploratory phase allows us to formulate a strategy to make your operation more reliable. We focus on streamlining your organizational needs, allowing you to capitalize on existing knowledge, practices, and system data.


Step 2: Maintenance Summits & Project Planning

Discover where you are today and where there are opportunities to improve during the Maintenance Summits and Project Planning phase. After taking the time to evaluate your company’s holistic assessment, we hold a summit to define your maintenance Mission, Vision, and Values. We then start the project with a structured kickoff meeting facilitated by your Advoco consultant. Next, we launch the People Really Involved in Delivering Excellence (PRIDE) maintenance initiative to facilitate the system and processes changes.


Infor EAM Services

Step 3: EAM Configuration

During the third step of your EAM solution, we create your custom configuration. By capitalizing on our industry leading experience, our team ensures that your EAM system meets the dynamic needs of your organization. In this phase, we solidify your business process design and then focus on data preparation and load. It is during this phase that we explore options such as AVR and MRO purchasing.   

Step 4: Technical Services

In order to help you get the most out of your EAM system, we offer a full suite of technical services to ensure the business process and data flow across an integrated solution. These services allow you to harness the full power of Infor EAM in a way that is completely customizable for your organization. Services could include integration, mobility, cloud services, business rules and extensibility, and custom tabs.


Infor EAM Support

Step 5: Client Specific Training

We recognize that there is a discrepancy between people being taught and people actually learning. In order for a person to truly understand and grow from a training course, learning must occur. That’s why we call our Infor EAM training Advoco Learning – because it implies that actual learning is taking place. We start with proven training material, then we work with your team to tailor the ultimate solution to your unique needs. We offer a virtual training platform as well as on premise training, in addition to our library of webinars, whatever option best suits your needs.  

Step 6: System Go Live and Support

The final step in our six-step process is your system go-live and ensuing support. We’ll launch your organization’s custom EAM solution and provide user support throughout the transition. We are with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless conversion or upgrade. Your EAM journey doesn’t end after implementation, and with the Advoco Post-Implementation team we can ensure that you continue to optimize your system with on-going training and support.   


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