Feb, 15, 2019

Why Connect

When you find something that works you keep going back for more. It’s like your favorite tv show, that restaurant that has your favorite dish, or the comfort of an old sweatshirt.


For Mary Norman with Harris Ranch, the thing that she keeps going back to is Connect. A software programmer, Mary Norman has been at Connect since our early years, and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.


Back then, Mary and her team were offered the chance to come to the event. The only catch – it was starting the following day. So, they hopped on a plane and flew out to join us in Greenville the very next day. At the time, they had no idea what they were in for.


Each year brings new surprises and experiences, but there are some things that she knows she can count on at Connect. “There are a good amount of individual sessions to choose from in each track and it is clearly organized in the schedule, which makes it easy for me to choose which sessions I want to go to,” explains Mary. “The Advoco employees do a good job explaining what the software can do and they are really good about taking questions from the audience. They do a good job with giving us the ‘heads up’ on the new features of the newest version of EAM.”


“I also enjoy that there are sessions led by some of the business leaders who are users of EAM. This is where we get the real use case benefits or hear about issues with the system. It helps us by listening to how other users use the system, and that gives us new ideas on how we can use it too.”


The chance to interact with the Advoco team is also something that Mary looks forward to. Putting faces with names, getting to meet and mingle, and really learn more about the people you’re working with. “Being at the conference really does feel like being with family. The Advoco team is so nice and accommodating, and they make it a point to get to know us personally.”


And what better way to get to know the Advoco team and the other conference attendees than at the legendary Connect evening events? “The evening events are the bomb!” says Mary. “It’s so much fun to go out and be casual after a day of learning and get to connect with other attendees on a more personal level. The Advoco team really knows how to have fun and how to throw a party! It’s great and I look forward to that!”


Connect offers something for everyone, and while the things we know and love about Connect remain the same, every year, you are guaranteed a new experience – new courses, new faces, and new things to learn about your Infor EAM system.


Mary Norman will be coming back for Connect this year. Will you be there with her?