Dec 14, 2018

Power of Visualization Collaborative Webinar Series with Infor

In today’s digital age, visualization is vital to our lives, so why should our organizations operate any differently? How can we expect our stakeholders to understand what is going on if we just share numbers without reference? Visualization is changing the asset management landscape and helping you become more efficient and gather better data. In this webinar series, we have dug into different tools in Infor EAM that allow you to harness the power of visualization for your organization. If you missed the previous webinars in the series, you can access the recordings here.


Join us for the last webinar in the series on Tuesday, December 18th at 3PM EST. In The Power of Visualization: Bringing it All Together, we will look at an overview of different visualization options within Infor EAM that we have explored in-depth during this series.


This webinar series included:


Mobile: Seeing Your System on the Move

As we become an ever more mobile-friendly society, it is increasingly difficult to keep Infor EAM Mobile out of your organization. Infor EAM Mobile extends the value of Infor EAM for field service workers as well as for managers, clerks, and schedulers who are connected directly to the solution. The mobile application delivers the functions they need to access, capture, and manage information directly from the field. In this webinar, you learn how real customers use Infor EAM Mobile to drive productivity and cost savings in their organizations, and how you can do it too.


Birst: Taking Your Dashboards to New Heights

Ever-changing technology allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place. In 2017, Infor acquired Birst, a cloud-based, business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization tool. Birst provides a platform for networked business intelligence allowing you to share insights and decision making by connecting teams and applications via a network of analytics services. In this webinar, we discover how to consume EAM data with easy to use analytics.


GIS: Mapping Your Future

You know what the work is, but do you know where it is? When you have geographically dispersed assets, you need to be able to easily find, track, and manage them. GIS makes this easier than ever before. During this presentation, we explore the powerful tool of GIS and see how it is used in the field by customers.


OpenCAD: Visualizing Your Assets

Your EAM system tracks everything you own, lease, and rent, and makes the data visible to you in tabular form. While tabular data is effective, it can be time-consuming. To protect your bottom line, you must be able to closely manage your EAM system so you can determine the status of your assets from a number of perspectives — at a glance. Find out how to do this utilizing OpenCAD. We explore how OpenCAD can aid in visualizing your parts. This module can be used to help create parts from your manufacture’s part explode diagrams and the data can then be used dynamically to see what parts are needed to maintain the equipment already in the database.


You can access the recordings of previous webinars in the Power of Visualization series here.