Mar 31, 2020

Connect for Good - Make an Impact

The world looks a lot different than it did last year, last month, and even last week. This has been an unprecedented time for everyone, and our hearts go out to the families, business, and communities that have been most impacted by COVID-19. But during this time, we are reminded of how truly wonderful humanity can be. We see communities rallying together and some truly innovative thinking.

And that innovative thinking we saw from others got our wheels turning – how could the Advoco family help during this time?

Each year, Advoco hosts a conference for the Infor EAM community in Greenville, SC called Connect. This conference brings together our clients and other Infor EAM stakeholders to connect, learn, and grow together. The conference is typically held the first week in May, but after much thought, research, and discussion, we knew that it would not be responsible to hold a large gathering for this year’s event. With that in mind, we decided to reinvent the Connect conference and hold a virtual event for our community.

But we didn’t want to stop at just the virtual event, there was more to be done. Typically, during the course of the event, about 1,000 meals are served to attendees and staff. Now, with the virtual conference, these meals disappeared, and local catering businesses would miss out on income.

And so, an idea was born.

Using funds from the conference, the Connect community is giving back by providing meals to those in need in Greenville. We started out with a goal of 1,000 lunches, and that has quickly snowballed into our new goal of serving 5,000 meals! With new, local organizations getting involved, this program is expanding to feed even more people.

The Connect family has partnered with Greenville catering company Table 301 as well as St. Francis Hospitals, Project Host, United Ministries, Peacock Marketing, Prisma Health, ScanSource, Mill Village Farms, and Trinity Lutheran Church to distribute 5,000 lunches in and around Greenville. The program is called Connect for Good, honoring the Connect community supporting this initiative.

Through Connect for Good, each week we will serve lunches to people in need. We started this program right away and provided 600 meals to the tenants of Towers East, an affordable housing unit in the heart of Greenville. See the pictures from the event here.

We are excited to partner with local vendors and non-profit organizations to maximize our reach in the community. We are actively seeking other businesses to join in on our efforts. If you are interested in participating, volunteering, or supporting, please email

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