Jan 1, 2019

Advoco Launches the Connect Education Network

Advoco, a leading management and consulting services company delivering Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, has announced the launch of the Connect Education Network, an online portal for on-demand Infor EAM training.

Designed specifically with Infor EAM users in mind, the Connect Education Network is the first resource of its kind, dedicated to training users of all levels. This online training platform houses video content that walks users through different Infor EAM modules and functionality.

“Historically, we’ve seen fairly high turnover rates with our customers’ EAM users. How do you make sure your staff is trained on all that Infor EAM has to offer?” Said Marty Osborn, a partner at Advoco. “We had to figure out how to reinvent the way Infor EAM users learn because we wanted it to be quick and easy. We found that one of the best ways to do so is by watching small, bite-sized videos that demonstrate the task and explain what is going on. The Connect Education Network was born from this new way of thinking. Built for training, it has an ever-evolving library of videos for your users to learn EAM – no matter where they are. For example, a technician out on the field may not know how to create a work order. With this new platform, they can figure out how to do this within 5-10 minutes.” 

With the technology behind Infor EAM continuously developing, it’s hard to stay abreast of the latest features and functionality. The Connect Education Network helps EAM users broaden their understanding of Infor EAM. Users can login to hear from Advoco trainers and access short training videos and archived webinars. From brand new users to seasoned veterans, the Connect Education Network has learning paths designed to help users of all levels create leverage in EAM.

“We’ve been wrestling with this problem for years,” explained Mary Devine, Director of Marketing at Advoco. “Rather, our customers have come to us with a problem in search of a solution, but we weren’t sure how to help. The problem: training – where to find it and how to digest this complex software simply. In 2018, we made it a priority to address this, and thus, the Connect Education Network was created. In Latin, advoco means to call in a Trusted Advisor and that comes with a great responsibility to the customers we are serving. It’s our job to help them better understand Infor EAM and provide solutions to support their needs.”

For more information on the Connect Education Network, visit the website.