Oct 2, 2018

Advoco Named a Certified OpenCAD Partner by CAD Service

Advoco was recently named a certified OpenCAD partner in the United States by CAD Service. The partnership between the two organizations allows the teams to deliver cutting edge solutions to Infor EAM customers utilizing CAD Service’s OpenCAD technology.


OpenCAD, developed by CAD Service as Infor Solution Partner, is an add on integrated application in Infor EAM to help organizations increase and manage visibility of assets, work, and parts in computer-aided design (CAD) formats. With OpenCAD, users can view assets through the OpenCAD interface from within the Infor EAM application without the need to run a separate graphic software. This allows users to save time, improve processes, and boost the effectiveness of Infor EAM because they can see their assets from a graphical view in addition to the traditional tabular view.


With Infor EAM and OpenCAD, users have the ability to easily see every important aspect of their organization as part of a larger asset management strategy. The integration makes tracking and locating asset usage and work associated more efficient and visualization of work areas and sourcing information more streamlined. This visibility also increases reliability, reduces costs, lowers energy usage and supports regulatory compliance.


“Our years working together with the CAD Service team has brought a real benefit to Infor EAM users,” said Jennifer Price, Solutions Architect at Advoco. “OpenCAD is a tool that CAD Service worked tirelessly to bring to Infor EAM. It’s a visualization tool that brings users’ data to life. The software makes data navigable and ultimately easier to comprehend.


It is evident that the CAD Service team is passionate about what they do. They are driven by the desire to make Infor EAM increasingly efficient for users through utilization of OpenCAD. The CAD Services team is constantly looking to the future to expand the OpenCAD technology. They are truly interested in delivering a best in class solution, and we are proud to be a part of that.”


“We believe in the beauty of innovation to drive groundbreaking developments" said Giuseppe Delmonte, Founder and CEO at CAD Service. “Advoco was fundamental in better understanding the business needs of Infor EAM customers, and then we improved OpenCAD over the years. Their competence and passion were the platforms for delivering excellence services through OpenCAD and Infor EAM. We are proud to present to ADVOCO the OpenCAD Certificate Partnership.”