Mar 15, 2017

Advoco Named “Best-of-the-Best” by Service Performance Insight

Advoco, a leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) consulting organization, was recently named in the top 5% of Professional Services (PS) organizations by Service Performance Insight (SPI).


Each year, SPI completes the Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark designed to help organizations understand their relative performance compared to an expansive list of peers. It provides visibility into critical business processes and key measurements so organizations can compare, diagnose, and improve their own performance. SPI first introduced the "New Professional Services Maturity Model™" report in January 2008. Since then more than 15,000 PS organizations have adopted it to chart their course to excellence.


The 2017 Best-of-the-Best list highlights organizations that excel across five dimensions: leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service execution, and finance and operations. Selected from more than 400 organizations, Advoco was among the top 5%, outperforming their peers and the report’s average with significantly higher profit, larger projects, and more satisfied clients.


“When SPI reached out to us, we were so excited to be considered as a Best-of-the-Best organization,” said Steve Brindle, founder and partner at Advoco. “This award shows that we are being recognized in our industry for our growth, our commitment to service, and the innovative things we are doing to build a company people want to stand behind and support. We are honored to be among the companies being awarded this year.”


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