Infor EAM Services

Leverage your Infor EAM system


Infor EAM Implementation

A new system with unlimited possibilities

Infor EAM offers endless possibilities for customization to create the ultimate solution for your needs and requirements. But with limitless possibilities comes doubts. There is no worse feeling than uncertainty when implementing an EAM system. When your assets are on the line, we partner with you to develop a custom solution for long term success. We tie your Infor EAM system to your operating strategy which generates true ROI. Learn how we can make your implementation successful.

Infor EAM Integration

EAM integration with your current applications

Integrating IT systems can be complex, but together we will ensure a successful project. Our approach is to begin by considering the business benefits and requirements for your integration: these have to drive your solution.

Whether the technology is simple file-based transfer, low-level database integrations, web-services, ION or third-party middleware, or more advanced Amazon Lambda-based integration methods, we’ll work with you to ensure success! Our solutions use established and Infor approved mechanisms that allow for upgrades and scalability.


Our expertise can help you integrate Infor EAM systems with a wide variety of software and systems, including (but not limited to): Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft / JD Edwards, Geospatial Systems such as ESRI, Custom or Legacy Systems. When integrating EAM to other mission-critical enterprise systems, you need to ensure your integrated EAM solution works seamlessly with your other, legacy systems.

  • Start with the business: Define the processes that span the systems, who does them and the system touchpoints

  • Use the right technology: Select the best technical integration that meets the business need and your solution architecture

  • Design and develop the solution: Define the data mappings between the systems, user roles and error handling; develop the integration mechanism

  • Test, test, test: Ensure that the integration is tested at the unit level, system integration testing and end-user end-to-end testing

  • Support live operations: No matter how much testing is completed, invariably there is some issue that comes out early during live operation. Proper support and prompt issue resolution makes the difference between user success and disappointment

EAM Mobility

Save your technicians 60 minutes a day

It’s no secret that companies are moving to a mobile first mentality. Mobility does not mean just moving desktop functionality to a handheld device. It means providing critical functionality technicians can use to do their job more efficiently and accurately directly on a mobile device.

With Infor EAM Mobile, you can go way beyond simply allowing technicians to log their hours. Enable users to access work management, asset management, inventory management, PM checklists, meter readings, and inspections and audits right from the field.


  • Time efficient: Users do not have to leave the plant floor to enter in data

  • Increased savings: At least one hour per day per technician

  • Easy access: Parts and instruction right at the technician's fingertips

  • Live time: Real-time update of work


Mobilizing an EAM system is not plug-and-play. Careful consideration must be given to your unique needs, the device being used, and how the mechanic is going to interact with the device.

When implementing EAM Mobile, we understand that it isn’t just the managers who need to adopt the system, but your entire team of users. Change can be overwhelming, but the gains from utilizing this function far outweigh the potential pain points. Change management is critical in Mobile roll outs, and through many years of successful implementations, we know how to help your team toward success with a Mobile rollout.     


Advoco brings the definition of mobility to life by drawing on our extensive experience with Infor EAM Mobile and the Apple iPad. By working together with these two technology leaders, we ensure that your mobile EAM solution is deployed in the most efficient manner.

MRO Purchasing

MRO Purchasing and Parts Optimization

Successful companies implement enterprise asset management solutions to help manage, maintain, and maximize their single largest investment - their capital assets. Companies lose millions of dollars every year due to insufficient or inaccurate information on inventories filled with obsolete or duplicate stock, and money is wasted because of unorganized purchasing and inventory processes.

With Parts Optimization, we help you generate substantial savings and increase efficiency by maximizing inventory data and streamlining the purchasing processes. Let us help you with what you buy, when you buy it, and where you buy it from.

  • Eliminate duplicate part numbers from initial data loads of your inventory part numbers

  • Reduce the number of Manufacturing & Suppliers in the system

  • Require purchases only from preferred suppliers and track non-preferred spend

  • Reduce stock-outs and maximize uptime

  • Save on purchases by consolidating the vendor base

  • Build a standardized maintenance, repairs, and operations inventory database


  • Data cleansing

  • Spend analysis

  • Storeroom management

  • Storeroom organization

  • Evaluation of inventory processes

  • Development of a project plan

Infor EAM Advanced Services

Business Rules and Extensibility

EAM is a feature rich system – with the ability to be used across many industries and departments. This can, however, lead to inefficiencies through too many clicks to complete  your business operations. Through the use of EAM’s FlexSQL to define and implement business-rules, many tasks can be automated or data verified on the save of a record.

While writing flex can be done by those with basic SQL knowledge, the ability to write efficient Flex and ensure performance when the number of Flex statements increases takes experience and skill. You need someone on your side with technical skills and experience to provide efficient Flex solutions for your organization.

In Infor EAM v11 and later, there are many powerful development tools within the extensibility framework, including custom tables, custom screens, and JavaScript; all of which provide further controls and capabilities within the EAM screens. Advoco is leading the use of these technologies to improve the EAM user experience.

Custom Tabs

When a true custom experience and features are needed, Advoco has developed custom tabs. These allow a totally custom webpage to be embedded within EAM, accessing EAM data, but whose features and operations can be built from scratch to provide the ultimate in flexibility to meet your needs.

Advoco Validation Ready

Many clients in the biotech and related industries use EAM for their maintenance and calibration management. However a big barrier to the usage of EAM within this space is the need for extensive validation to comply with FDA regulations. To help smaller clients in this vertical adopt EAM, Advoco has developed the Advoco Validation Ready (AVR) solution. This is a pre-configured EAM instance with a full validation documentation pack that can be used to greatly simplify and speed the validation activities. It does not alleviate the need for clients to complete validation – however it can cut down the effort by up to 80%!