Spreading Smiles, One Meal at a Time


Meals provided to the community

Each year, Advoco hosts a conference in Greenville, SC called Connect. This conference brings together the Infor EAM community to connect, learn, and grow together. Because of COVID-19, we knew that we could not have an in-person event for the 2020 conference. With the move to a virtual event, the money that was usually spent on feeding attendees and staff was left on the table. And so, an idea was born: Connect for Good GVL. Starting with funds from the conference, we partnered with local catering company Table 301 and other local organizations to build this initiative. Our goal was to create restaurant jobs as well as feed people in need in Greenville. For an entire year, we partnered with local vendors and  non-profit organizations to maximize our reach in the community. The world continues to change, and Connect for Good will change along with it! Stay tuned for what’s coming next and how you can be involved.

COVID-19 changed the way we do things, but it also started something special.