Advoco for Good

Something bigger than us

Better Together

Advoco for Good was created because we are stronger, happier, and more successful when we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Giving back to the communities we live and work in brings us together as a team and reminds us that we are part of a larger community beyond our front doors.

Ways We Raise

​Fitness Challenges: Good for Our Community (And for Us!)

Advoco’s fitness challenges, held twice a year, are designed to help us stay in shape while also helping others.


We break into teams and compete to see which team can walk, run, cycle, swim, play, or hike their way to winning points. Advoco donates money to a charitable organization according to the points earned by each team.


We stay fit, and amazing organizations receive funds to continue their essential work. Our fitness challenges create our greatest impact on the communities around us.


Our past Recipients of Donations Include:

Conferences and Events: Bringing Others into Our Efforts

Each year, Advoco hosts a conference for the Infor EAM community in Greenville, SC called Connect. This conference brings together our clients and other Infor EAM stakeholders to connect, learn, and grow together. The conference is typically held the first week in May, but in 2020, we knew that it would not be responsible to hold a large gathering. With that in mind, we decided to reinvent the Connect conference and hold a virtual event for our community. Using catering funds from the conference, the Connect community is giving back by providing meals to those in need in Greenville. We call this program Connect for Good Greenville. We have donated thousands of meals and continue to grow the initiative! Find out more about Connect for Good here.

Our keynote speaker at Connect 2016 was Coach Jim Johnson. In 2006, Jason McElwain, or J-Mac, a high school student with autism, was given his first and only opportunity to play in a varsity basketball game, where he scored big, inspiring people across the country. He and his coach, Jim Johnson, were featured in numerous media outlets and met many public figures and famous basketball players to talk about their miracle night.


At Connect 2016, we had the honor of Coach Jim Johnson serving as our keynote speaker. His exciting and inspirational story focused on taking chances and the idea that "Dreams Do Come True." After his presentation, we gave away copies of his books to attendees. Advoco then accepted donations for an amazing organization, Project HOPE, that provides a lifespan of Autism services to the Greenville, SC community. Advoco matched all of the donations we received to help Project HOPE continue their critical work.


Volunteer Work: Offering Our Time and Service to Others

As a team and as individuals, the people of Advoco give back to the community through volunteer work. Volunteering helps us gain perspective, provides insight into the challenges facing our community, and allows us to help others first hand.


We have team members serving on boards of volunteer organizations as well as donating their time and efforts to fundraising and awareness campaigns. As an office we have “adopted” a local program where we fill backpacks with food items for children who would otherwise not have food over the weekends and holidays. Our team comes together to pack these backpacks monthly and sends them to schools in our community with children in need.