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We Need Bridges

Last July 4th, Seth Godin wrote in his blog about independence versus connection. It’s stuck with me since then. Independence and doing things on your own can feel like the simpler method. It’s quicker and easier. As opposed to the work of connection – which is more long-term and disciplined. It’s hard work to stay connected to those near and far. It’s time consuming to bring a group together. But it’s connection that enables us to add value and in the end, working together is much more rewarding. The power of connection and community is strong. With connection, we have accountability, and we get the best out of ourselves. Plus, it’s much more fun to celebrate wins together and more benefici

We Vs. I

I recently got married and I’m adjusting to my new life as a married man. One of the biggest things I have struggled with is changing statements from “I” to “we.” In conversations, I will catch myself saying, “I did something,” or “I bought something.” In reality it was we, my wife and I, who did those things. We had the discussions and we made the decisions together. This “I” versus “we” situation in my marriage parallels what happens with projects. Sometimes, team members can forget that the project is built on “we” and instead are focused on the “I.” More time is spent focusing on who did what rather than how to work collectively to reach project goals. This is very easy to do because we

Don't Do It Tomorrow

In a podcast I recently listened to, Jocko Willink, author of Extreme Ownership, gave some interesting advice. His advice was, “Don’t do it tomorrow.” That may sound like strange advice but let me explain. With all of the good-for-you routines we try to maintain, eating right, consistently exercising, learning something new, there are times that we find ourselves wanting to cheat and give up. Jocko’s statement applies to this feeling. Paraphrasing him, if you find yourself not wanting to do something today and you think you are burned out, do it today and tell yourself don’t do it tomorrow. You will be surprised how differently you feel the next day. To put it another way, we go through dail

Are You Inspiring Others

This week a quote has been stuck in my head. “The most important thing to do is to try and inspire people so they can be great in whatever they want to do.” These are the words of the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. As I begin to think about the immense tragedy surrounding the helicopter crash that took the life of Bryant, his daughter, and seven other meaningful and important lives, I am reminded of the legacy that Kobe left behind. You see, Bryant was up to something more important than the game he played. Sure, we remember his historic basketball career. We remember the moments that defined him as a player such as hitting clutch game winners, representing the United States, winning le

Make Every Minute Count

We've all got a minute to spare, and at Advoco, we want to make that minute count. That's what "a minute" is all about. We'll bring you thoughts and insights from our team to help you fill up your minutes with information to challenge you to think differently about your business and the way you utilize your EAM system.

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