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Who Are You Breaking Promises To

According to a quick Google search, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February 1. So, for most of us, today is the last day of our “new year, new me.” As a society, we’ve come to a place where we’ve made a joke of New Year’s resolutions. We assume that people won’t keep them. Then, we are genuinely surprised when come December, someone says they have stuck to their resolution for the entire year. And the person we most expect to renege on resolutions are ourselves! This reminded me of a passage from Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face where Rachel explains, “I’m the FIRST person I break a promise to…I used to do that all the time until I realized how hard I was fighting to keep my word t

Advoco Named “Best-of-the-Best” by Service Performance Insight for the Third Time

Service Performance Insight (SPI), the leading independent technology services research firm, recently announced their 2020 Best-of-the-Best Professional Services Organizations list and named Advoco to the list for the third year. Every year, SPI completes the Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark which is designed to help organizations understand their performance compared to similar companies. The benchmark provides insights into business processes and key metrics so organizations can compare, diagnose, and improve their performance. The 2020 Best-of-the-Best list highlights businesses that excel across five dimensions: leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service

Take This Job and Love It

There’s a country song titled very similarly, Take This Job and Shove It. It’s about a disgruntled man who is tired of working in a job that he hates. This song was most famously performed by a man named Johnny Paycheck. What an appropriately named artist for a song about a man who hates his job. Think about it. His name implies he will do anything for a paycheck. This is a bad outlook on life. If you are working in a job just for a paycheck, I would bet that you are unhappy, not unlike the main character in the song. Just working to make a paycheck will leave you unfulfilled. Trust me I have been there. If you have too, you know what I mean. If you are currently in this situation think abou

Your EAM Masterplan

Recently, I stayed at a new hotel, from a brand I don’t normally use, in the middle of what seemed like a master planned area. A few hotels, restaurants, and shopping arranged in a main street vibe, with apartment and condo complexes mixed in, all around a small lake with a bridge. Knowing my flight the next day was not especially early, I vowed to do something unusual, go for a run in the morning around this lake. The next morning came and I was excited! I put on my Advoco workout shirt, the one I always bring, and never use, and went downstairs. Still a little gray outside, I put on music and started to run toward the path around the lake. A minute or two more, and the path was along the s

Growing in 2020

I’m a big Seth Godin fan. I’ve shared some insights from him in previous a-Minutes. He captures complex ideas and explains them so well. Last year, Seth wrote a blog post that I loved. And guess how many words it was? Less than 75. That’s all it took for him to share some great wisdom about growing. As we start 2020, I want to share Seth’s blog with you to challenge you to grow in 2020. Ways to grow A checklist to get you started—you can either do the same thing or a different thing… More of the same Persist Get the word out Doing something different: Change an element of what you do Raise your prices Lower your prices Make it better Tell a different story Serve a different customer Enter a

Initiating is Hard

I was listening to a podcast recently with Seth Godin. I have read some of his books and he always has interesting thoughts. I was driving and not paying as much attention as I should have to what he was talking about, but he said something that I had to write down immediately. He said, “Reacting is easy. Responding is hard. Initiating is harder.” The great thought leaders, like Seth, have a way of explaining complicated issues in simple terms and here was another example of that. Let’s break that quote down a little bit farther. “Reacting is easy.” In my HR career, I would estimate that 90% of conflict in the workplace is because someone reacted to a situation. Someone doesn’t meet a deadli

Make Every Minute Count

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