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Germs and Vitamin C

For most people, the weather is starting to cool down, although in South Carolina, it doesn’t quite feel like Autumn yet. But when that colder weather does come, I know it can only mean one thing. Flu season is just around the corner. When we work and live in close community with others, getting sick is almost inevitable. We do everything we can to avoid those illness carrying germs. We get vaccines, wash our hands, and even load up on vitamin C. No one likes being sick, and no one wants to be the reason others get sick. That’s why this quote from one of my favorite authors, Jon Gordon, seemed so poignant when I stumbled across it: When you walk into your office…you have a decision to make.

Advoco Honored Twice at International Infor Conference

Advoco, a leading management and consulting services company delivering Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, was honored yesterday at the Inforum 2019 conference in New Orleans, LA. Advoco was named Public Sector Partner of the Year as well as EAM Partner of the Year. Hosted by Infor, one of the premier providers of industry specific enterprise applications, Inforum is the largest annual international conference for Infor customers, partners, and employees. Inforum participants have access to emerging technology presentations, product launches, networking, and hundreds of different breakout sessions to build their skills and knowledge. Advoco was evaluated against other Infor p

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, is a book walking through the ancient Toltec philosophy for inner happiness. The Toltecs were a group of indigenous people in Mexico that lived prior to the Aztecs, and their teachings have been passed down through the ages. Because of the hectic demands of the modern world, there has been a resurgence of people seeking ancient wisdom to find happiness amongst the daily chaos of our lives. This wisdom was developed in a time without cars, careers, and social media, and it seeks to teach you to find inner happiness. It is an interesting and quick read. To entice you further, here is a brief snippet of The Four Agreements: 1. “Be impeccable with

Lessons from the Leaders at Connect

One of my favorite sessions at Connect 2019 was the leadership panel that hosted our innovative customers including Bob Zimmer (PepsiCo), Tami Ryley (Starbucks), and Jamie Hobor (HRSD); our wonderful partner at Infor, Heather Preu; and my courageous leaders at Advoco, Paul Cowley, Steve Brindle, and Marty Osborn – all led by our emcee, Chris Oakley, also a leader in the business sphere. I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from this session on how to lead. “Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.” – Bob “It brings you a lot of grace, when you take things off your leader’s plate, and not add stuff to it.” – Chris “Get your people to own the data, share what it m

Learning Value from Roman Public Transportation

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to live in Rome for a month and it was amazing. I was there long enough that I felt like I was becoming a local and part of being a local is the daily commute. Rome has no shortage of public transportation; if you can’t make your way from point A to point B with public transportation then you aren’t looking hard enough. My morning commute was about 2.2 km (or about 1.4 miles) through the heat of a Roman summer. My first few days there I dreaded the walk, so I tried my luck at the 8 tram which was a straight shot to my destination. After my first time, I walked my commute every day after – 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. Suddenly the heat of the

Make Every Minute Count

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